Christmas traditions are one of the reasons so many families look forward to the holiday season. Not only is it the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but also a season for gathering with family we may not see often throughout the year. We asked our HLA families and staff to share some of their favorite Christmas traditions and will share them with you all week. Some are new traditions, some are old, but all are ones your family may start in your home this holiday season.

Trisha Goddard is an HLA homeschool mom who currently lives in Paraguay, South America with her husband, Mike, and their three children, Michael, Lea and Kaleb. Her family has lived in Paraguay, South America since 2004, serving as field workers with Partners for Paraguay. Trisha shared a favorite Christmas tradition, which is playing “The Best Gift Game Ever”.

Picture courtesy of Trisha Goddard.

For Christmas, we love to be with family and have loads of fun! So, we play “The Best Gift Game Ever”. Each person brings a wrapped gift of approximately $5.

Here is how we play:
Write out 1, 2, 3, etc. on individual pieces of papers, depending on how many people there are. Each person picks one number, so you will know the order in which the game will be played.

The person who chooses number 1 picks a gift to open and shows everyone. The person who chooses number 2 then has to decide if they will steal gift number 1 or open a new gift. Players will continue to open a new gift or “steal” an already opened gift, in the order of the number they have drawn.

Once everyone has chosen a number and opens a gift, we go around two more times, starting with the person who chose number 1. We ask, “Are you happy with your gift or do you want to steal another?”

We play that each gift can be stolen up to three times. After that, the third person to steal the gift, gets to keep the gift forever.

Picture courtesy of Trisha Goddard.

The point of “The Best Gift Game Ever” is to have a blast with your family and laugh a lot, especially if you are the one who ends up with the Santa suit or a toilet bowl cleaning brush! ~ Trisha Goddard

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