The Boogaard family lives in China. Although Christmas is not part of the Chinese culture, the Boogaards still manage to celebrate the season and share what the coming of Jesus means to them.

Our family lives in China and we spend Christmas Eve and part of Christmas Day, with our dear friends, in a foster home where we have volunteered for several years. We are incredibly blessed by being part of their lives and it’s such a privilege to be there, help prepare a great Christmas dinner for Christmas Eve, sing songs together and share what the coming of Jesus means to us.

Last year, it was a big surprise to see how several of the adolescents/young adults living there had prepared personal gifts for us. We are looking forward to going again after having already celebrated this past Thanksgiving with them. Although both Thanksgiving and Christmas are not part of the Chinese culture and not in the same way part of the Dutch culture we come from (we don’t do gifts for Christmas!), it is great to celebrate together and be thankful for what He has done for us and is doing in our lives.

Besides our day at the foster home, we also always host a Christmas party for local friends. These are great opportunities in the Chinese context to share what is most important in our lives.

Three years ago, we were in the Netherlands on home leave in December. We thought it would be great to finally spend Christmas with family after being in China for 10 years. It was of course very good to be with family, but we greatly missed our Chinese traditions. In China, our Christmas traditions are focused on how we can use the opportunity to share and we are so blessed by doing so. ~ Boogaard family

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