Thank you for your interest in HomeLife Academy (HLA). We have been excited to partner with Classical Conversations (CC) in order to provide extra support to your family and/or to your CC Group.

HomeLife Academy is working closely with CC in countries where registering with a private school can help to meet requirements in your country or to provide the documentation or resources you may need. HLA has helped students get into universities all over the world.

For more information on CC international, click here!

You will be responsible for assuring that you are in compliance with all laws and regulations in your country.  Registration with HomeLife Academy may or may not meet those requirements, but we are here to help you however we can.

For more detailed information on how HLA serves international families, please visit our HLA Global page and also our HLA Groups page.



Why Choose HLA?

Freedom and Flexibility

Homeschool/Academic Counseling


Official Transcripts & Diplomas

Teacher / Student IDs

Full-service Records Department

Online Reporting and Report Cards

Account Access ANYTIME at myHLA

Information Access Anytime to Anyone


Our counselors and staff have ongoing relationships with many Classical Conversations groups. HLA is able to help transcript the CC core curriculum and loves our CC leaders and families. HLA is currently serving families in over 70 countries, but has served in nearly 120 countries over time.



If you are registering on your own, you may proceed by clicking the ENROLL NOW button below. CC families can enjoy 10% total registration fees when registering by using the code: CCFAMILY.





If you are interested in forming a group and have someone to serve as Group Administrator, please fill out the form below and our Global Team will be in contact with you to discuss this option. Groups can be formed when 5 or more families come together under one Group Administrator. CC Groups who establish an HLA Group receive a 20% discount for your families.



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