I remember…
by Lynn Knowlton


I remember when my children were young and we were just beginning our homeschooling adventure; people would ask questions like, “What will you do about high school and how will they be able to go to college?”  I would teasingly reply, “Oh, by then they will probably be able to homeschool through college”. Little did I know, that would become a reality. An organization called CollegePlus! has made it possible for high school students to combine college with high school and earn a fully accredited bachelors degree. Many complete their degree by the time they graduate from High School.

Many incredible opportunities have become available that have made achieving higher education from home a reality! More and more colleges and universities are beginning to offer online courses. Not only that, but organizations such as CollegePlus! have been created to guide you through the process.



CollegePlus! utilizes CLEP and other credit by examination for most of the courses. The student enrolls in a college (usually Thomas Edison State University or Liberty University) and completes the degree by taking remaining courses online and transferring all exam credits. This allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree from home and often while still in high school.

The CollegePlus program works similar to dual enrollment since courses/exams taken with CollegePlus can be used to satisfy any remaining high school requirements.

Please email Lynn for more information. Lynn’s daughter completed the CollegePlus program.