Pictures from Compassion International's Compassion Experience.

Pictures from Compassion International’s Compassion Experience.

Getting out of your comfort zone. Is it easy for you? They’re not asking for you to travel abroad and leave everything you know to be familiar behind. Compassion International is bringing an experience to you and they are only asking for 20 minutes of your time.

During those 20 minutes you will take a journey to Bolivia, Kenya, the Philippines and Uganda and then you will be able to return home to your comfort zone, but hopefully, not as you were before you took the journey.

Compassion International is bringing The Compassion Experience to churches and other locations across the country. Some of the stops include Alabama, Colorado, Florida and Tennessee through June 2018. Visitors will travel through the homes, markets, schools and streets on a self-guided tour taking in the lives of the children who live in those places.

It will be an opportunity for you and your children to gain an up close view of how children in other countries live, and still have joy and hope in their lives despite the poverty that surrounds them.

Listen to the voices, step into the shoes and live the lives of these children, who do not have much, but manage to make due with what they have and are happy.

Just take 20 minutes and then you may return to your home. Really, the tour is only 20 minutes.
The Compassion Experience is a free tour that is coming to a city near you. Do not miss your opportunity to attend. Make your free reservation today and then share with others, so they do not miss out.

If you would like to volunteer while the exhibit is in your area, Compassion Internationl could use your help. Find out how to volunteer.

Learn more about Compassion International and their efforts to end global poverty.

See other visits across the country.

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