On Wednesday this week I had a really great talk with David Gibbs of Homechool Legal Advantage. Homechool Legal Advantage is a growing resource similar to HSLDA. David and I met last year at the Memphis Convention and have touched base a few times. This was an intentional conversation about a more direct “partnership” with them. The results of our talk were three things:

  • Homechool Legal Advantage is going to offer free membership to all of our families starting immediately.  Homechool Legal Advantage will provide a discount code that our families can enter when registering with them.  They will gladly accept donations from our families but the registration fee will be waived completely.
  • Homechool Legal Advantage is going to advertise for us in several ways.  And, we are going to run ads for them. Gibbs is going to put his marketing people in touch with our marketing people after the new year, and we’ll get some cross promotional campaigns going.
  • Homechool Legal Advantage is going to become our General Legal counsel whenever we need it. When I told David about my deposition here a couple weeks ago he immediately said, “In the future you just tell them you’re handing this over to your lawyer.”  He said he would have come up at no charge and “sat in” on the deposition and made sure it didn’t go longer than an hour. That made me smile for sure.

We are still going to maintain a close partnership with HSLDA and support their work and ministry to homeschoolers, as well as depend on their legal counsel and expertise. But it’s good to add another expert, David Gibbs, to our circle of friends. And it’s especially great to continue to see how God provides for HomeLife Academy. May He be glorified in all that we do.

David C. Gibbs III grew up in a legal family. His father, David C. Gibbs, Jr., is the founder of the Christian Law Association. As a boy, he tagged along with his dad to court and developed a love for the law, the Bible, and God’s people. Attorney Gibbs graduated from Duke Law School in 1993 at the top of his class. He then joined his father serving as an attorney for the Christian Law Association.

Attorney Gibbs attained national recognition when he represented the family of Robert and Mary Schindler in their fight to save the life of their disabled daughter, Terri Schiavo. Attorney Gibbs has represented many Christians in their fight to retain their religious liberties, especially those related to providing a Christian education for their children.

David has been married to his wife, Carin, for over 15 years. They have four children: Heather, Heidi, and twins David and Danielle.