One of the areas that we refuse to sacrifice is our Freedom & Flexibility.  No matter what we do, we strive to keep this at the forefront of our minds.  Giving families the freedom to choose what is best for their students is the essence of what makes HLA unique and why we can see so much success with our families and students.

G e o r g e A d d a i r

For HomeLife Academy, “Choices in Education” is not just a logo – it’s our entire educational philosophy. The power of choice is so powerful and essential, that in Deuteronomy 30:19, God said to His people, “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: Therefore choose life.” He let them do the choosing but helped them choose wisely, as He continues to do with us today. At HomeLife Academy, we know the power of the decision-making process regarding education, and we would never take that away from our teachers – our parents! The heart of homeschooling revolves around parents being able to choose what is best for each of their children.

At HLA, we have what we call Goal-based Education, allowing our students flexibility in planning for their futures. Goal-based planning is based on each student’s individual goals for the future. We believe that God has a plan for each student and that one of the parents’ primary tasks is to help each one of their children know what that plan is and develop goals based around each student’s strengths and talents. Goal-based planning allows the flexibility to do that, from kindergarten to graduation.

We at HLA will be just as flexible as you need us to be. If you need to take longer with a particular subject, go right ahead. If shorter, that’s fine, too. Our goal is the same as yours – that your students will learn the things placed before them and that those things learned will benefit him or her in a future career, profession, home, and church. So we allow our parents the freedom to choose their methods of teaching their children, dictated by the parents’ philosophy of education and revolving around their own students’ God-given abilities, learning styles, and passions. Our counselors have many years of experience in helping parents choose whether or not to use a particular curriculum, how to focus on each child’s strengths when selecting subjects, and different methods to help your out-of-the-box student, whether he is gifted or struggles with learning disabilities.


Freedom to Customize

Why do we allow you to select your curriculum?  Because every child is unique!  It is prevalent to use resources that reflect various grade levels depending on where your student is performing best.  You can select a curriculum to fit your student, not just their grade level.  We allow you to have the flexibility you need as well as choose how much how little you spend.

Freedom to Create

Why do we allow you to create a learning environment that is best for your family?  Because your home can be a rich environment for learning!  A great deal of education will naturally happen if your home is full of opportunities to learn.  Make homeschooling a lifestyle of asking how, when, where, and why questions about EVERYTHING!  Your children will enjoy learning, and so will you!

Freedom to Choose

Why do we allow parents to make decisions regarding their student’s education?  Because we believe that you know what is best for your student.  You know the unique and beautiful gifts that your student possesses.  Our job is to inspire and equip you to help develop those gifts, not to govern your choices.