The Bridge Program





The Bridge is a supplemental program for middle and high school students struggling in Math and/or ELA. Designed to meet students at their learning level, the age-appropriate instruction spans skills and concepts covered in grades 3 through 11, and is built to help students get back on track. Placement Tests are available.

High school students taking these courses can get .25 elective credit for each module completed.

IMPORTANT: All HomeLife Online families and students must adhere to the HLA Code of Ethics that is agreed to in the application process.


Courses cover Math and/or ELA for students in grades 6th-12th. There is a placement test for both reading and math consisting of approximately 40+ questions each. The placement test is used to determine what has been mastered and identifies any learning gaps.  Students are placed in an individualized learning path based on the placement tests results. Course titles and instructional videos are age-appropriate and designed for middle and high school level students.



This program is designed to be used as a supplement.  Your student will have access to Math and/or ELA and can go at their own pace. Students may begin the program at any time.

Older students who spend time daily working in the courses can usually catch up quickly. The more time spent in the system will increase the student success rate.


Attached below is the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar.


HomeLife Online courses are compatible with Windows, Apple, and Linux devices.

Mozilla Firefox for Windows and Safari for Apple are the recommended browsers.

Please note: HomeLife Online does not recommend Chromebooks, iPads, or mobile devices to access our courses. While technically compatible, these have been known to have more technical glitches than the officially recommended platforms.