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HomeLife Academy is proud to offer a variety of online course programs
to meet your family’s needs. 


With HLA Archway, you will have the support that you need to succeed in your homeschooling journey. Archway offers four program options with varied levels of support for grades 3-12, so no matter what level of support you need, we will find a program that fits your goals.


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 HLA Archway Program Options

$100 Annual Program Fee plus_text Your Monthly Subscription Fee per Student


Full Independence

Grading and Instructional Support

Address learning gaps

Customized hybrid of all programs

IMPORTANT: All HLA Archway families and students must adhere to the HLA Code of Ethics that is agreed to in the application process. HomeLife Registration Fees are not included in HLA Archway fees. You must enroll with HLA to use HLA Archway curriculum.








HomeLife Academy is here to support families experiencing difficulties and looking for solutions due to COVID-19/Coronavirus and the TN tornadoes.
We’re here to help.

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