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 Program Options

HLA Archway offers online courses with three (3) program options available which allow you to choose the level of support and course options that meet your homeschooling needs. Uteach and HLAssist offer courses for Grades 3-12. The Bridge is a program designed for students in grades 6-12 needing supplemental courses in Math and ELA to help fill any gaps. Included with every enrollment is an initial phone consultation with one of our experienced counselors to discuss your needs and to set-up your courses. There are over 200 courses to choose from including honors, business, career, and technical electives. Tutoring (+Tutor)  is available for HLAssist or Bridge in the areas of Math, English, Science, and Spanish. Those who enroll in +Tutor will also receive an initial phone call from the tutor to discuss what you and your student are wanting to achieve in the sessions and to better understand why you are choosing a tutor, areas your student may be struggling with and how the tutor can best help.


IMPORTANT: All HLA Archway families and students must adhere to the HLA Code of Ethics that is agreed to in the application process. HomeLife Registration Fees are not included in HLA Archway fees. You must enroll with HLA to use HLA Archway curriculum.


 HLA Archway Program Options

$100 Annual Program Fee plus_text Your Monthly Subscription Fee per Student