uTeach Program




For grades 3rd-12th, uTeach includes up to five (5) courses and is exactly what it says it is…you are the teacher.  You will be the one doing the grading, assigning or un-assigning of lessons, unlocking quizzes and tests and answering any questions your student may have.  With uTeach, once you have your initial consultation and set-up, you are on your own to teach and direct your student(s) however you like. uTeach is the only option that offers a multi-student discount.

IMPORTANT: All HLA Archway families and students must adhere to the HLA Code of Ethics that is agreed to in the application process.


Alpha Omega Publications®, a leading provider of Christian curriculum has allowed us to share its newest release of Ignitia™. This comprehensive learning management system (LMS) is the latest addition to its line-up of powerful academic products.

Available to us, this new learning application includes digital courses in five core subjects: Bible, math, science, language arts, and history and geography. A wide range of electives are also integrated into the curriculum. Ignitia™ does much more than deliver robust courses; it provides teacher, student, and administrative tools that streamline the academic process and promote individualized learning and digital literacy.

Based on experience gained by providing effective Christ-centered curriculum since 1977, Ignitia™ provides solutions to both short and long-term challenges faced by Christian educators in this unique market. Some of the most exciting components of Ignitia™ are:

  • Engaging fundamental course content
  • Biblical worldview
  • Interactive, student-driven lessons
  • Progressive scheduling and lesson planning
  • Built-in flexibility to accommodate differentiated learning
  • Unsurpassed administrative control
  • Strong, reliable security safeguards
  • Easy-to-use interface

Ignitia™ provides an effective, efficient, and friendly user experience and was created for Christian schools.



Courses in the uTeach Program are typically on a normal schedule set to end in May. Other arrangements can be made depending on your student’s situation. Students coming in later in the school year may only need part of a course. We can place a student in Part A  or Part B of a course depending on what the student needs. In this case of students coming in mid-year, courses will still end by May unless other arrangements are made. The counselor can assist you with determining scheduling options.

A student can work as quickly as they would like but may not complete in less than 30 days from the date the first assignment is received.

In the case of expired courses, a student may request an extension.  Students needing an extension beyond July 31 must be re-enrolled with HLA for that coming year to qualify. Refer to Additional Fees below for more information.

If your student changes to a different curriculum please update your education plan in Applecore and contact Archway to drop courses. 

Take Ignitia™ for a Test Drive

Log in at the link below to look at examples of various subjects in which a student could be enrolled. This demo student does not represent a normal student subject load, but rather examples of subjects spanning different grade levels so you can feel and see how the program operates.


Ignitia Test Drive

Username:     Demo
Password:      123456

Log-in credentials are case-sensitive.

Click below to watch a short video on Ignitia™