Certainly you have not missed them when purchasing products from brands like General Mills, Old El Paso, Pillsbury and more. They are the little rectangular, bright pink labels on the box tops of products you purchase. Those little labels are not worth much on the top of your boxes, but when you cut them out and return them to participating schools like HomeLife Academy (HLA), they help provide scholarships for homeschoolers to pay for school.

The Box Tops for Education program was created in 1996 by General Mills to “support education and benefit America’s schools”. The collection of those little pink labels equals cash when turned in to General Mills. That money has enabled schools to not only purchase items like books and computers, but also playground and other equipment used for educational purposes. Almost 20 years after the launch of the program, more than $719 million has been earned for education and schools. HLA families and other contributors to the HLA fundraiser are a part of the many people who have helped raise money for the program over the years.

Over the past four years, the Box Tops program has been the primary fundraiser for the HLA scholarship fund. HLA has received more than 150,000 Box Tops from HLA families.

Years: 2012-2013    Box Tops: 52,815
Years: 2013-2014    Box Tops: 42,231
Years: 2014-2015    Box Tops: 25,666

Years: 2015-2016    Box Tops: 38,135

The collection of 38,135 Box Tops for this past year raised $3,800 and allowed HLA to award full or partial scholarships to 32 families. Almost 120 HLA families took the time to cut out and mail Box Tops to Toni Garner, HLA Billing and Financial Services Team Leader and HLA Box Tops Coordinator, for the February 2015-February 2016 collection period.

“All you do is purchase what you normally buy at the store and if it has a “Box Tops for Education” label on it, cut it out and save them for HLA. Once you get several collected or by February 15 of each year, put them into groups of 50 in Ziploc bags or something similar. Please make sure none of them are expired and then mail them to me,” said Toni.

Scholarship recipients are not the only beneficiaries of the HLA fundraising program. The top four families that send in the most Box Tops as well as one random winner receive various prizes from HLA. Although the new collection period has already begun, there is still time for you and other families in need to be winners. Even if you only collect one, two or a small number of labels, start collecting them now. That small number will increase when combined with what other families are also collecting. Those little labels can make a very big difference in the lives of an HLA family. You do not have to send in large numbers of Box Tops to make a difference. So, do not discount the value of the Box Tops. The next time you see that bright pink label on your box, take the time to cut it out and mail it to Toni Garner – Box Tops Coordinator, P.O. Box 405 Oakland, Tennessee 38060.

You may also contact Toni by telephone at (888) 560-0774, ext. 3508 to learn more about the Box Tops fundraising program and how to support or benefit from that program or other scholarships available through HLA.

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