HLA Team Member since 2011
Senior Administrator – 
Daily Operations, Financial Affairs, Business Management

I began working with HomeLife Academy in 2011 looking for extra part-time work to help my family.  My husband and I were working our own business and I was homeschooling our four girls.  It didn’t take long to see what a wonderful ministry and company I found myself associated with and immediately moved into a more permanent, full-time position with HLA.  With my husband being on disability and our business becoming harder and harder for him to be able to work, this was an awesome opportunity for me to help support our family and to also do something I love. I have worked in management, accounting and business for many years and enjoy contributing to and seeing businesses grow.  

Homeschooling my girls has always been my desire and through working at HLA I have been able to continue doing that as well.  My oldest daughter graduated from HomeLife Academy in 2013 and is currently working for HLA.  I have a daughter that is a Senior this year and has been a part of the Student Intern Team.  I have two other daughters currently in middle and elementary school.  I have worked in the Records Department moving into a Team Leader position and on to Assistant Administrator.  I serve HLA in the role of Senior Administrator handling the day to day operations of HLA as well as taking care of the accounting and financial tasks for the company.  One of my greatest joys at HLA is meeting the needs of our staff.   We have an incredible group of people that surround me everyday with laughter, encouragement and friendship. I find working for them and making their jobs easier fulfills me.  Family comes first and the freedom and flexibility that HLA offers our families also flows through to our staff.  It also gives us the incredible opportunity to work around those of like faith who pray and support each other and become our “other” family to lean on.