HLA Member of the Board of Directors since 2015

My wife Lynn and I have two adult aged children that we homeschooled from their beginnings. We loved the freedom and flexibility homeschooling provided in that it gave us the freedom to train our children in the ways of the Lord, to travel together as a family, and to make life our classroom. Our homeschooling was a team effort. Together we provided character and spiritual training as well as academic training. While working as an Engineer and a Division Director at USDA’s Cotton Program in Memphis, Tennessee, Lynn managed the day to day homeschooling responsibilities. Given my educational and occupational experience as an engineer, I contributed to the more technical sides of their educations by providing them an appreciation of math and science. It was such a blessing to watch our children discover and develop their God given talents as they pursued their interests and passions. Our daughter graduated from HLA in 2010, graduated from college in 2014 with a degree in math and physics, and is now married to a wonderful Godly young man. Our son graduated from HLA in 2014 and is currently in college earning a degree in business computer systems. Seeing the fruit in our children’s lives as a result of homeschooling continues to bring us joy.

Lynn and I had the privilege of being part of HLA from the very beginning when the Lord first gave David and April the vision for a homeschooling ministry. There was no other ministry like it and the need for a ministry based educational service was tremendous. Today HLA provides essential resources and leadership to the homeschooling community. It is an honor to continue being part of a ministry that is making a difference in the lives of homeschooling families around the world.