HLA Counselor since 2006
Senior High Counselor & Florida Support
12th grade Transcript Reviews, Graduation Approvals

FL Bright Futures, FL Virtual School,
SAT/ACT Special Accommodations,
Common Application & SendEDU for College Admission

I have been a high school counselor with HomeLife Academy since 2006. I homeschooled my four children through high school and believe it is the best decision I ever made. As a single mom, I believe strongly when God calls, He equips. All four of my children attended college on full academic scholarships and have no problem with socialization! As the Florida High School Counselor, I am working hard to support our homeschooling families in Florida. One thing remains the same no matter which state you are in: homeschool families want their students to reach their maximum potential to do what God has planned for their life. I teach regular local workshops on preparing your student for college and enjoy encouraging families on the promise of Romans 8:28.  You may email me at any time karen@homelifeacademy.com.