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Hello from the Knowlton family. My husband, Jimmy and I raised our two children on a small farm east of Memphis, Tennessee.  Although we began teaching our children from birth, our homeschooling journey officially began in 1998 when our firstborn became school age.  Our daughter, an HLA graduate, is now graduated from college and married.  Through the CollegePlus program, our daughter was able to continue homeschooling while she pursued her first Bachelor’s’ degree.  At eighteen years of age, she had earned her HLA High School Diploma and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.  In 2011, she went off to college and earned a second Bachelor’s in math and physics. Our son received his HLA High School diploma in May of 2014 and is now away at college pursuing a bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems.

Over the years, there have been a couple of sayings that have helped me focus on the big picture. My husband’s grandmother used to say, “Honey, never let school get in the way of a good education”. The other was a quote I saw one time but never forgot. Einstein quoted, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. These two sayings helped shape my philosophy of education. Homeschooling was not something our family did from 8:00-3:00, Monday through Friday; it was a way of life, every day. Instead of simply filling our children’s heads with random facts, we viewed all of life as part of their education. Consequently, we focused on the foundational skills of our children’s education and Godly character, trying to stay focused on our goals and keep a big picture perspective in mind. Ultimately, we wanted our children to be leaders, thinkers and problem solvers. We also wanted them to be able to learn information from reading, to be able to communicate effectively both verbally as well as written, and be able to understand and solve problems.

We also wanted our children to learn how to learn, as well as be self-disciplined, self-motivated, and able to take responsibility for their own education. Most importantly, We wanted to keep a balance between academics and allowing our children to pursue whatever God was calling them to be. By prayerfully choosing the most important formal academics (reading, writing, and arithmetic), we allowed more time for them to pursue their areas of interests, gifts, and talents. In addition, they had time to travel and be very involved in church and leadership activities. Although our children’s education looked different from our friends’ children, whether homeschooling or not, it was unique to our family.  It enabled our children to discover and develop their passions as they began to seek God’s will for their lives.

Homeschooling was a learning adventure for my husband and me as well……We learned to listen more to the voice of the Holy Spirit for guidance and to pray for Godly wisdom. In addition, we learned not to worry so much about what everyone else was doing but rather to pay attention to each child’s learning style and adapt accordingly. We learned to train our children in the way God wanted them to go…not in the way my friend’s children should go. God’s plan for your child is likely very different from any other child. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and do things differently than your friends, neighbors and relatives. God created your children uniquely and has a special plan for each one.

We are here to help you succeed with your homeschooling goals. If you need assistance my email is lynn@homelifeacademy.com.

May God bless you and your family.