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I am originally from Mt. Airy, NC. I graduated from Kings Business College in Charlotte, NC and at my first full time accounting job in Greensboro, NC, I met my husband; we married in 1983.  Our deciding to home educate in a time when it was an almost unheard of thing to do was a calling of God.  Without faith in God who called us and kept us, we would have never survived. I had only heard of two other people at that time that did this “homeschooling thing.” My public school teacher in laws thought there was no way I could teach my children to read, much less teach anything else without certification. My sister tried to convince my parents that my children would be social illiterates.

We began officially homeschooling in 1989. However, our oldest son was born 1984 with a very high IQ and was talking and recognizing letters by 2 and reading by 4. So “schooling” him began at birth.  We learned that having a gifted child is not as easy as one might think.  Then child 2 came into the world very tiny but determined to learn what she wanted, when she wanted to learn it. The year our oldest son turned 5, my husband felt called to ministry, stepped out in faith, and we moved to Pennsylvania outside Philadelphia for Bible College.  This move was so totally a God thing. We had just moved to a county where the teachers in the local public school system were on strike and the home school group had grown to about 200 families. What awesome support, wisdom, encouragement was available there. We met people who had actually home schooled 8 years by that time. We used CLASS workbook curriculum our 1st year and then I believe Bob Jones. There wasn’t a lot to choose from back then.

Being analytical, my son managed all the workbooks just fine, except with his reading ability he was going through 2 years of curriculum in one year. He needed something more challenging.  We realized our daughter was never going to make it with all those workbooks. Our daughter was very artistic and creative and needed a more” hands on” curriculum to meet her needs. I attended a homeschool curriculum fair and met a woman who explained KONOS unit study curriculum.  She then came to my apartment at Bible College where I had got some other mothers together who were interested in homeschooling and explained it even more. This opened not only a whole new way of teaching for us, but we realized that all these activities would be better done working together in a co-op situation.

So I have organized, led and/or taught in co-ops in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan most of the last 25 years.   I have had the privilege of working with families and students from many diverse backgrounds, learning styles, disabilities, and religious beliefs.  I have worked with parents/ grandparents who barely got out of high school to the certified school teachers to the highly educated, performance-driven parents, hopefully, helping them navigate their home school experience. All have taught me something that I could carry forward to help other home educators.  We just moved to TN last year and I think the tutorials and umbrella schools here are a wonderful support network for homeschoolers. I am so blessed to be a part of the counseling team at HomeLife Academy.

Mac and I have had 6 children and we would not change the wonderful opportunity God gave us to give each of them a good education catered to their different learning styles and prepared them for their life goals. One is a business owner, one studies engineering in the Navy and works on big machinery at locations all over the country, one served 6 years and became a sergeant in the Marines, one is in nursing school, one is graduating this year and will be continuing her college education as Vet-tech, and the youngest is still finishing high school looking forward to college with plans to go into medical engineering.  However our highest goal for each of them is that they would serve God with ALL their hearts and glorify Him with ALL their lives.

I am located in the Middle TN area, and you can always send me an email margie@homelifeacademy.com, and I’ll be happy to answer your questions!