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Whether your student is preparing for public school, private school, or continuing to home school through graduation–most parents agree that entering the high school arena feels like a whole new ball game. While I have home educated my own children through elementary and middle school as well as into high school years, I definitely feel that the middle school years are key to laying a solid foundation for whatever God has planned for a student in high school and beyond. As a volunteer and mentor for youth groups and parent ministries for two decades, I am convinced that God knows how to communicate to and through teens in today’s culture. Over the past 20 years, my husband Brian and I have shared a passion for equipping parents of adolescents to share the journey alongside their students. As a homeschool support group discussion group facilitator, God has allowed me to talk with hundreds of parents about their experiences with homeschooling through the teen years. One thing stands out as a key thread–regardless of your situation, God has a plan for your family and it is worth discovering.

Living in the suburbs of Memphis, my family has leaned towards a traditional-style education (classic literature, math, history) as well as independent online learning, but we also find that God keeps us on our toes with a hands-on approach to life overall (camping, rock climbing, snow skiing, traveling, church planting, mentoring, visiting missionaries abroad, etc.) This blend fits our family perfectly since I am a visual and kinesthetic learner while my husband is an auditory learner, and our children each tend to overlap with all three learning styles. Over the years, God has astounded me with his plan for our family to live out John 10:10, “I have come that they might have life abundantly.” In the bigger picture, I also love helping other families figure out how their home school experience can help them to lead, mentor, and educate their own children by discovering God-given personalities, learning styles, and aptitudes.

Coming from a background with a bachelor’s degree in Communications/Journalism and graduating summa cum laude, I have experienced the dedication it takes to excel in academics, but I also have discovered the value in being involved in things that help students connect with who God made them to be–like making time for art, music, science experiments, public speaking/drama, sports, and play groups. In my children’s words, “The things that make life worth living!” I hope you will feel free to come by and chat with me on one of the HLA couches at an upcoming homeschool event, or email me at mona@homelifeacademy.com.