HLA Member of the Board of Directors since 2015

My wife Kris and I have been married since 1993 and have 9 children who were born from 1996 through 2012, and we have homeschooled from the beginning.  The Lord led us into homeschooling through struggles to get our first two kids to daycare and/or grandmother’s while Kris worked as a personal trainer.  The strain of this daily, expensive juggling act caused us to look around for other approaches, and we discovered homeschooling.  We loved the sheltering that it provided through the formative years, the flexibility, and the opportunity to have our children grow up learning their worldview from us.  

Kris left her career as a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant to come home full time, and our research led us to be influenced by Raymond and Dorothy Moore’s homeschooling philosophies and Growing Kids God’s Way’s parenting approach.  Additionally, we have utilized a local tutorial with Whole Heart Family Ministries, Boy Scouts of America (our 2 oldest boys attained the rank of Eagle, and the next 2 are close to finishing), and Martial Arts (our 4 oldest boys and myself have all attained the rank of Black Belt). Our oldest son graduated from HLA in 2014, and our second oldest will graduate from HLA in 2016.

While homeschooling 9 children certainly has it’s challenges, Kris and I are very happy with the fruit that the Lord has developed thus far, and our plan is to continue to homeschool all of them through high school.