Education Plan Guidelines

An education plan is a list of courses each student will be taking as well as any books, resources, websites, games, textbooks, and other educational tools that may be used for the course. You can also write a description of the course if you will be using more unconventional methods.

At the time of initial application, the educational plan will be included on your application. Once the student is enrolled and each year afterward, you will enter your Education Plan directly into Applecore. High School students need to enter their courses into Applecore after enrolling.

  • HLA will not process/approve enrollment without an appropriate education plan.
  • Required every year for every course.
  • Education Plans can be edited at any time.
  • Specific course titles should be used.  
  • We must have resource information for every course. If you use specific books, textbooks, workbooks, websites, or computer programs, please list the titles.
  • HLA does not provide books.  However, we do offer Online courses through our HLA-Archway Program.
  • The following resources/curriculum will not be considered part of a complete education plan: Using “online”, “hands on”, “various”, the use of symbols (*), etc.  is not acceptable.  The name/title of a course, i.e.  World History or English, is not the same as the resource and does not qualify as such.
  • You do not have to list EVERY book the student will be reading this year. The Portfolio is a great place for this type of information.If you use the library or read a lot of literature, you do not have to list every single book. You can describe your homeschooling method instead. Be sure to list any primary resources that may be used.
  • We are very flexible and can easily accommodate everything from structured schooling to un-schoolers, and everything between.
  • If you un-school or develop your own course content, you can provide a description of the course and any resources or methods you will be using.


  • If coming from another school, ask for a copy of your transcript.
  • Do NOT list the books your student is currently using in the public school. Please list the books your student will be using upon leaving the public school.
  • Print a Planning Sheet based on the Path of study your student will follow.
  • Compare the student’s transcript with the Planning Sheet to determine what courses will be needed each year to graduate. (Counselors are available to assist if needed.)
  • Once you have determined which courses the student will be taking for the year, you will need to select curriculum, textbooks, and/or resources for each course.
  • Course recommendations for grades K-8:  Language Arts (Reading/Writing), Arithmetic, plus two additional courses of choice.  Middle School students generally list more than four (4) courses.
  • Once you have determined which courses the student will be taking for the year, you will need to select curriculum, textbooks, and/or resources for each course.



Education Plan Example 1

  • Literature – Library books on American Literature, weekly book reports; Science – Online research about Creation Science with Weekly reports; US History – Literary novels and in-depth research covering the founding fathers – modern day US History. written reports on research topics. US History Encyclopedia as a spine; Algebra 1 – Saxon; Performing Arts – Dance class.

Education Plan Example 2

  • English 10/US History/Bible – Notgrass Curriculum; Biology – Apologia Biology with lab; Algebra 2 – Teaching Textbooks; Music – private music lessons; PE – weightlifting.

Education Plan Example 3

  • English Comp 1 – Dual enrollment with Jackson State; The following courses will be taken through  HLA-Archway Online Courses – Calculus, Comparative Government and Politics, and Physics.