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Currently, all accounts with PreK – 6th grade ONLY will be approved immediately, providing there is not missing or inaccurate information on your application. Middle school and high school applications can take 3-5 days,s, typically during the peak of enrollment season. Due to COVID, it could be longer. If school has not started in your area, there is no need to RUSH or be concerned. If school has begun in your area and you have been contacted, please reach out to us. You can also choose to pay a RUSH fee when you submit your application.
There is rarely a situation in which HomeLife Academy is unable to enroll a student. In certain limited situations in which HLA’s typical services may be inadequate, the NEST Program can provide the needed support to a student or family transitioning to homeschooling through HLA. If any of the following apply, NEST may be required. We encourage families to submit your application – you will not be required to pay until you are approved. Our Admissions Team will review your application, you will have the option to speak to an Admissions Counselor to help with your decision, and you will not have to pay your registration fees until your application has been approved.

A parent or student on the account or living in the home is currently under criminal investigation for a felony or involved in an open criminal court case that could result in a felony, or actively on probation.

  • Unfortunately, families currently in these situations are not eligible for enrollment. We recommend enrolling with your local board of education until the situation has been resolved. Once resolved, you may be eligible to enroll with HomeLife Academy.

RECOMMENDATION: Complete the application and wait for approval or contact from an Admissions Counselor. You will have the option to pay upon approval OR speak to an Admissions Counselor before enrollment.

Neither parent nor legal guardian in the home has a high school diploma or GED. We will accept an education structure that did not offer a traditional high school diploma such as a homeschool diploma, homeschool education completed through 12th grade where a diploma was not issued, or if based on religious affiliations, i.e., Amish or international standards. Other options include:

  • Parent(s) who enroll students in the NEST Program taking Homelife Online courses (additional fees apply).
  • Parent(s) who submit a Request for Eligibility based on other qualifications showing additional education, life/work experience, etc.

A parent or student on the account or living in the home is currently being investigated for abuse or neglect (whether physical or educational) or is currently being investigated and/or actively involved in an open criminal court case that could lead to a misdemeanor or could be dismissed.

  • We understand that these situations can be complicated and recommend continuing with your application so that we can better understand the circumstances. Please give as much detail as possible for us to make an informed decision regarding your situation. You will have the opportunity to speak to an Admissions Counselor if needed.

RECOMMENDATION: Complete application – choose to pay upon approval OR to speak to an Admissions Counselor before approval. You will not have to pay until you decide you want to enroll and are approved.

NEST uses our Homelife Online Courses to provide additional accountability and oversight for families and students who may otherwise not meet HLA guidelines or requirements for enrollment (additional fees apply – see below). NEST will only apply to the student(s) in which the following applies.

  • One of your students has had major disciplinary issues within the CURRENT OR PREVIOUS school year, including out-of-school suspensions, expulsions, alternative school, and/or the student has been truant.
  • Your 6th-12th grade student is failing two or more CORE courses (Math, English, Social Studies, or Science) in the CURRENT or PREVIOUS school year and still needs to retake one or more of these courses.
  • Your student is 17+ years old and any of the following apply: failed one or more CORE courses which have not been retaken/passed; is not likely to graduate by the end of their Senior Year due to missed or failed courses; may need more time to finish credits for graduation; GPA below 2.0.
  • I am an adult student age 19+ and looking to complete high school coursework.

When NEST is required, you will pay your HLA registration fees (varies) and your minimum initial NEST fees ($239) to get started. Enrolling in NEST also enrolls your family in our Monthly Membership Plan which means that your HLA registration fees (for future years) are included in your monthly access fee for NEST. As long as you are making your monthly NEST payments of $139, you will remain enrolled with HLA and will not have to pay registration fees again; your annual program fee is also included each year, providing no payments were missed.

And you will benefit from all of the Monthly Membership Perks…

  • FREE Membership IDs for Account Holders (discounts/enrollment)
  • Access to TTD 365 (webinars, workshops, resources, network)
  • Access to Enchanted Learning (worksheets, resources. lessons)
  • HLA Swag (for example – t-shirt, popsocket, canvas tote, mug, etc.)