Things you need to know


  • Your student should continue attending the previous school until you receive a confirmation of enrollment; once enrolled, you can withdraw your student from that school.
  • You must be the parent or legal guardian of the student you plan to homeschool.
  • Teachers/Tutors may be used, but the responsibility of educating the student falls on the parent/guardian listed on the application.
  • You must have an education plan for your student(s).  If you are unsure of how to develop an education plan for your student, please visit our Education Plan page for help.
  • If you are interested in our online courses with parent support, refer to our HomeLife Online pages for more information. If you need an accredited online option, check out our sister school, ArchwayOnline, offering HLA services with one on one mentor and teacher support, including tutoring when needed, for your student.

When to Register/Enroll

  • HLA has open enrollment each school year through May 1.
    • See our Academic Calendar.
    • Summer school is part of the previous school year. Therefore, exceptions can be made for summer school enrollment. Standard fees apply.
  • Students registering with HLA mid-school year should continue attending their current school until Confirmation of Enrollment has been received from HLA.
  • Students enrolling with HLA at the beginning of the school year should enroll before school begins in their area and no later than August 1 to avoid increased fees.
  • Students should register when starting Kindergarten or by compulsory attendance age, whichever comes first. We recommend registering for the school year in which your student will become a compulsory attendance age. Many states, including Tennessee, require students to attend Kindergarten.
  • Register students in their age-appropriate grade levels even if the student is working on a different academic level. (The exception would be for students with special needs).

Steps to Register

Gather the following information before completing our online application.

Education Plan

An education plan is a list of books and other materials your student will be using at home for each course. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to determine the courses and materials/books your student(s) will be using for his/her classes.  If you are unsure about how to develop an education plan for your student, please read our Education Plan Guidelines.

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS:  You should enter your Education Plan in Applecore as soon as you receive your login information.  Your Education Plan can be entered by adding your school year, courses and curriculum, books, and resources.   Do not delay.  Your transcript review cannot be completed until these courses are entered.  

Previous School Information

  • Name, Address, Phone and Fax Number and Email Address (if available)
  • If you have always homeschooled and have never been registered with another school, then enter “Never Been Registered” for the school name. Homeschooled students with a parent-issued transcript should refer to our Transferring to the HLA page for more information.
  • If you have students attending more than one school, please email Incoming Records with the additional school’s contact information.

PREVIOUS RECORDS: HLA will send an official request for records to the last school.

  • We will notify you via email once those records are received in our office.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for our office to receive records from the previous school.
  • High School Students
    • We will record all previous high school credits in Applecore once they are received in our office.
    • In most cases, grades and credits will be transferred to the HLA transcript precisely as they appear on the previous school’s transcript. Exception – California and similar states will have credits adjust to match TN credit values.
    • When a school provides quarter grades, these will be entered into the student’s grading account so counselors can average these grades with the parent’s quarter grade for the final semester grade.
  • When an existing/enrolled family has a student(s) transferring from a public, private, or umbrella school, after initial family enrollment, a $50 transfer fee will be required.

Complete the Online Application

IMPORTANT: Students should continue going to school until you receive a Confirmation of Enrollment from HLA.

  • All children enrolling with HomeLife Academy should be included in one application.
  • Pay online.
    • HLA will not process applications without payment.
    • Checks will delay your application.
    • Fees are paid per school year.
  • HLA will contact you via email with login information for your account, Confirmation of Enrollment, and other important information.
    • Please be sure all the contact information on your application is correct.
    • You will be contacted by phone or email if we have any questions about your application.

Save Login Information for myHLA

  • Once you have received Confirmation of Enrollment, via email, you may withdraw your child from the previous school.
  • Visit the High School pages of our website for important information concerning your high school students. Begin homeschooling.

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Visit our Boxtops page to find out how you can help other homeschooling families through HLA’s Scholarship Fund!

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