HLA offers international groups, whether foreign nationals, military families or missionaries, orphanages, or any other group,
the same level of service as families living in the United States. This comes with peace of mind knowing your group’s records are safe and always there for you, backed by the full support of our staff.  All groups, whether International or Domestic, must contact April Parkerson and will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Setting up a group with HLA allows you to connect your students and families within your group and to enable a group to Administrator to oversee the group and help with communication, record-keeping, and other needs your group might have. This Group Administrator will work directly with April Parkerson to handle all the group’s needs. As Group Administrator, you would have the ability to request any documents from HLA that your families/students would need.  You would get the information from the family, log into the HLA account, and request the form via the Request Manager.  We can send invoices for these as well.

If your group is interested in signing up or you would like more information about group registration, please complete the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Any International Group wishing to register with HomeLife Academy
must also agree to the following International Policy:

LiKdrL7XTHomeLife Academy provides record-keeping, counseling services, issuance of transcripts ,and diplomas upon credit completion according to HLA’s graduation guidelines, as well as completing any other documentation needed to verify these documents such as legalization, apostilles ,or otherwise.

LiKdrL7XTIt is your responsibility to check with your local and/or national government(s) as to whether they will accept any or all of the documents provided by HomeLife Academy as completion of education for purposes of furthering education or graduation from the high school level. HomeLife Academy will not be held liable nor at fault for any laws or other issues resulting from information not provided by the group contact to HLA or obtained by the group contact for their understanding.

LiKdrL7XTBeing enrolled with HomeLife Academy does not exempt your group from local and/or national laws that may prevent you from homeschooling. HLA is not responsible to cover you legally ,nor is HLA liable if you choose to homeschool where homeschooling is considered illegal.

LiKdrL7XTGroups will assume the responsibility of paying additional costs, including, but not limited to: shipping outside of the USA, procurement of documents for legalization purposes, and any other forms that may be needed. Failure of payment may result in delays for the request.

LiKdrL7XTIt is the group’s responsibility to obtain student(s) records and have them forwarded to HomeLife Academy. HLA does not send international records requests to schools due to the delayed responses and shipping problems. However, we can send requests if you can provide an email address for the school, if necessary.


No representative of the group will misrepresent any aspect of HomeLife Academy, including but not limited to areas regarding HomeLife Academy fees, policies and procedures, or impersonating a HomeLife Academy staff member. Any misrepresentation of HLA will result in immediate termination and dissolution of your group and could prevent future enrollment.

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