Annual Registration Fees


   $60 Family Processing Fee ($85 after August 1)

   $25 per K-8th Student Registration*

   $50 per 9-12th Student Registration*


*$100 Student Registration Maximum only applies to the student fees and at the time of initial registration and for the current school year. The Annual Processing Fee is not included in the Student Registration Maximum. Students added later in the year will pay full student registration fees and transfer fees, if applicable. Maximum registration fees per family $160.  $60 Annual Processing Fee + $100 Student Registration Fees. This does not include late registration or additional fees below that may apply.

Registration for Current School Year ends on May 1. Registration after May 1 requires counselor approval and is subject to additional registration fees.

Additional Fees Which May Apply

This is a one-time fee that only applies to new families upon initial registration or previously withdrawn families returning to HLA. This fee is non-refundable. Please see our Refund Policy for further details.
Only applies to existing/enrolled families who are adding a new student during the school year that is transferring from ANY school – public, private or umbrella.
Only applies to those families living outside the US.
Only for high school students who were living out of state or registered with their local LEA or county and do not have official transcripts for previous years.  This fee is not for families who have not met the compulsory attendance requirements in states that we legally cover (TN, FL, AL, and CO) If you are one of these families, please call the office to discuss any options that may be available.
Only for high school seniors and paid only once during high school years. This covers transcripts (up to one year after graduation), diplomas (cover not included), reviews and counseling during the senior year.

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