Need more time?


HLA is very flexible. We understand that every child learns and thinks differently.  If your student is needing more time before entering high school, you have several options.  

Choose a path that best fits your student’s long-term goals. Refer to HLA’s Graduation Requirements for more information about the different paths to graduation. 

  • The student can do another year of 7th or 8th grade if you feel he/she is not ready for 9th grade.
  • Students who struggle in math can take a lower level math course in 9th grade if needed such as Pre-algebra, Math Foundations, etc.  
  • If the student wants to go to college but is not ready for Algebra 1, that student can do pre-algebra in 9th grade and do a 5-year high school plan, if needed, in order to get the math and other classes needed for college admissions.
  • If your student is behind in any of the 3Rs (Reading, Writing, Arithmetic), please use this time to focus on these critical areas.
  • Since HLA is flexible concerning requirements prior to high school, take advantage of the freedom and flexibility to focus on any needed skills.
  • Allow students to read about things they enjoy. The more a student reads the better the chance of them enjoying it and gaining better reading skills.
  • Have the student write stories, plays, copy Bible verses and write, write, write.
  • You know the old saying, “Practice makes perfect”.  
  • Make it fun. Let your student journal, write a book, take notes from a favorite book, start a blog, anything you can think of to get the student writing.
  • If a student struggles with the mechanics of writing, let him/her type it on the computer.  They will be using a computer for most courses in college so it will be good practice.