Make re-enrolling EZ…earn your EZ Pass!  Families that have been with HLA for at least three school years, have registered and reported on time and who do not have special circumstances that may need to be reviewed annually, may be tagged as an EZ Pass account.  To show our appreciation for your loyalty and diligence, your account will pass through the review process and be made ACTIVE for the new school year immediately. As we review enrollments each year, we mark your account EZ Pass when you become eligible.  You do not need to do anything additional to get your EZ Pass, just keep registering and reporting ON TIME.


Eligibility for EZ Pass


Minimum of three (3) years with HLA with no lapses


Completed enrollment requirements by August 1 each year

I registered/enrolled ON TIME… Awesome!

I reported my grades and attendance ON TIME… Terrific!

I entered my education plan ON TIME… Wonderful!