By Tammy Armstrong, Homeschooling Mom in Tennessee
I have started and stopped this article several times. Each time I wonder how to put into words how we homeschool.  Writing down our story makes me think our life sounds more like a rendition of “We Didn’t Start the Fire” where you sing armstrong2all these words (some right, some wrong) at a super fast tempo and at the end of the song all you can say is “I did it!”
So here goes…  A typical week at our house. (Background info – we have 3 children, ages 16, 12 and 8, and 1 preschooler who stays with us most days.)
Work for Dad, Math lessons x 4 each day, Cup of coffee for Mom, Read a book, Extra kiddo #1 visits 3 days, Daughter #1 in Memphis for Science class, Easy Peasy lessons x 3 each day, Clean bathroom, Work for Mom, Church, Extra kiddo #2 visits 2 days, Crock pot dinner, Swinging on swing set, Painting project, Kitchen sink clogged (again), Son creates with Minecraft (Egyptian pyramid, Great Barrier Reef…), Laundry, Movie about animals for son, Building a fort, Dad works late, Daughter #2 has riding lesson, Read a book, Extra kiddo #3 visits for a morning, Work for Daughter #1, Son to practice baseball or practice in yard, Walking the dog, Laundry, Food prep, Spanish lessons, Finding rocks or bugs or leaves in the yard, Meeting for Mom, Mock Trial class for Daughter #1, Son plays after school with neighbor, Art project, Seasame Street video, Read a book, Feed the turtles and clean tank, Daughter #2 creates newspaper, Playtime at the gym, Sweep living room, Grocery shop, More laundry, Naps for littles, Errand running, armstrong1Studying countries of the world and missionaries there, Daughter #1 works on dual enrollment class, ACT prep, Journal writing x 4, More work for Dad, Mom and Daughter #1, Diaper changes, Feed the neighborhood cats, More laundry, Read another book, Book club at library for Son, Church, more food prep, laundry, crazy conversations and super silly giggles!
Whew!  In two words – semi-organized chaos.  The homeschool reality for us is less about the text books and more about exploring our world, studying and researching our interests, and helping others.  We school anywhere and everywhere.  “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” – William Butler Yeats