spend family movie night at home

There are many fun ways to spend time together as a family. Homeschooling is not the only way. Insert a laughing emoji. Another one is enjoying a family movie night with everyone huddled together for the evening. Fridays may typically be the night, but family movie night can be enjoyed any evening of the week. There is nothing better than coming together as a family and watching a favorite classic, getting lost in a mystery, or just watching something that makes everyone laugh.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, movie formats as well as how we are able to watch a movie has become more family-friendly. You no longer have to leave your home to have access to a variety of movies. DVDs may still be your favorite way to watch films, but streaming services have cued in a whole new experience. Your movie selections are no longer limited to the DVD titles you own, but now include a wide array of movies you can stream from your online video library.

Forget getting dressed and looking presentable. Given the option of putting on your “outside” clothes and driving the distance to the movie theater versus slipping on pajamas (or keep wearing from your school day) and “traveling” only to pick up the remote, is an easy decision. Besides those factors, the price of movie tickets makes family movie nights at home even more attractive. Staying at home is not only convenient and comfortable, but can be more affordable.

The real challenge of family movie night is finding a movie that is appropriate for all ages of audiences. Some great resources to help make good decisions about what you allow to come into your home are Plugged In, Common Sense Media and The Dove Foundation. These resources are helpful in determining whether a movie is appropriate for your family. They have reviews on older movies to new releases and break down the movie content into categories like violence, sex, nudity, drugs, etc. as to how much is included in the film. There are a lot of movies being released for children now that may not be as child-friendly as you would prefer. If your child makes a request to watch a movie that you think is inappropriate, do not be afraid to say, “no!”

We all can agree to disagree and that happens a lot with family. Choosing a movie everyone can agree on can be difficult, but does not have to be. Everyone wants fair, so make it happen. One way to decide is to let each family member have a movie night where they choose the feature. Another way is to choose a few titles and have everyone vote. Sometimes, mom or dad may have to step in, especially if you have an even number of people in your family. If any grumbling occurs, remind everyone the real goal is to enjoy the time you spend together.

A movie is always better with food. Make it fun with pizza or some other snack foods. If you do pizza, homemade is nice or you can buy it frozen and add your favorite toppings. Another fun idea is to cook foods that reflect the theme of the featured movie. Let your children join you in the kitchen for menu planning and making the special bites for the evening. If you want to keep it simple in the kitchen for preparation and clean up, order out. But, don’t forget the popcorn!

There are so many new movies being released now and your children probably want to see (all of) them. Do not forget to introduce them to some of your favorites you enjoyed watching when you were growing up. The clothing may not be as fashionable, the hairstyles may be embarrassing and the special effects may not be as spectacular, but the storylines may still be appealing and engaging. A suggestion is to prescreen those favorites, because you may be surprised by some of the language you did not realize was in the movie. Just as it went over your head, hopefully, it will do the same with your children if you decide to share the films.

Even if you are not a fan of screen-time, family movie night is just a nice time to gather and have a laugh, shed a tear, or promote conversation about what you have watched together. The setting is casual and comfortable, and it is a great time to sit down and relax with some of your favorite people: your children.

Do you have a family movie night at your home? What movies have you and your family enjoyed together in the past?

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