A new family will pay:

$60 Processing Fee ($85 AFTER Aug 1)

$50 Application Fee

$25 Registration Fee for EACH K-8 grade student

$50 Registration Fee for EACH 9-12 grade student

Refer to our Registration Fees page for more information.

Log into myHLA, click on the Register button on the right side of your HLA homepage, check the box by each student you are enrolling and click Update Total. This will give you a total without completing the registration. To complete the registration, you will need to click the Pay by Check or Pay by Card button.
When you create a NEW registration, you are charged a $50 application fee. When you go back and log into your myHLA account and register again from there, the system assumes you are already a member of HLA and does not charge the $50 application fee again.
Click PAY BY CHECK when completing your enrollment. This will allow the registration to go through without immediate payment. You will receive an invoice by email from Paypal that will allow you to pay through Paypal or with a non-US card. If you prefer, you can make payment directly through Paypal (after completing your registration) by sending money to admin@homelifeacademy.com. Please add a note on the description line explaining what the payment is and for whom it is intended.
Yes, click PAY BY CHECK when completing your enrollment. This will allow the registration to go through without immediate payment. Go to your Paypal account and send money to admin@homelifeacademy.com. Please add a note on the description line explaining what the payment is and for whom it is intended.
After submitting your request, go back to your myHLA page and click on the Pay Now button on the bottom right-hand side. Enter the amount and type what the payment is for on the description line. You may pay with a card or online check here.
Log into myHLA and click on the View Payments button on the left side of your homepage.
You have ten business days to make the payment from the time you created your registration. If payment is not received within those ten days, your registration is canceled. If you still want to enroll, you will need to create a new registration on your account and pay the current fees.
Processing means we have emailed an invoice to you, and the payment has not yet been received.
Pending Payment means you have created a registration order but have not made payment and we have not yet emailed an invoice to you.
A Transfer Fee is charged when a student is added to an existing account and is transferring from another school. This fee covers the cost of requesting and receiving records from the previous school.
The Credit Review Fee is for homeschooled high school students that enroll with HLA and do not have official transcripts for previous school years. A $50 Credit Review fee will be charged per high school year in which high school credits were earned but are not recorded on an official transcript.
The Senior Fee covers the diploma, transcripts (for up to one year after graduation), reviews, and counseling needed during the senior year.
All reporting is due by August 1. If you do not meet the reporting requirements (grades & attendance for the previous year & education plan for the upcoming year) before September 1, your account will be set to withdrawn. You will receive a notice of withdrawal in the mail. For your account to be reinstated, your reporting will have to be current, and you will need to pay a $50 reinstatement fee. To avoid paying this fee, please register, pay, and have all reporting done by Aug 1 each year.
To take advantage of the pre-registration discounts, you are required to have submitted your fall grades and attendance by January 15 and your spring grades and attendance by June 15. Your education plan for the upcoming year is due by August 1. If all reporting is not completed by August 1, you will lose your pre-registration discounts and therefore owe a balance of the total registration fees due for completing enrollment requirements after August 1. Your payment made at the time of registration is applied, leaving a balance. The Balance of Registration Fee is the difference between the total fees due AFTER August 1 and the payment you made with your registration during pre-registration.
You will need to call 888-560-0774 ext 3508 to add a student to an existing account. You will pay a registration fee of $25 for a K-8 student or $50 for a high school student. There will also be a $50 transfer fee if the student is transferring from another school.
If you are struggling financially, please contact our office to see if there are any options. You may also visit the Homeschool CARE Foundation to see if you are eligible for assistance.
If you are struggling financially and need more time to pay or would like information on our monthly membership, visit our Payment Options page.