HLA accepts families from all across the United States as well as international families. However, only those families living in TN, FL, AL, and CO will be exempt from filing with their state and meeting any other homeschooling requirements of their state. All others must comply with the regulations in your state or country. Refer to Homeschooling in Your State for more information.
IMPORTANT: Your child/children should continue attending their current school until you receive the Confirmation of Enrollment email from HLA.

  • Gather all the information for your Education Plan.
  • Gather the former school’s contact information for ALL your students.
  • Complete the online application – Only 1 application is needed per family.
  • Make a payment – online, over the phone, or mail a check. NOTE: HLA will not process your application without payment. Checks are accepted, but will delay the application process.
  • HLA will contact you via email with enrollment information (Confirmation of Enrollment, Teacher Verifications, etc.). Be sure to save your login information for your myHLA account.
  • Once your enrollment has been verified, HLA will request the student(s) records from the school.
  • Begin teaching your student(s) at home!
An education plan is a list of courses and the book titles, publisher, and other materials/resources your student will be using at home for each course. NOTE: HomeLife Academy does NOT provide books or other course materials. High School students must have detailed information concerning the books and other resources being used for each course. For more information, please visit our Education Plan page.  HLA will not process applications without an appropriate education plan.

The education plan can be any of the following (or a combination of):

  • List of resources or textbooks used (title and publisher).
  • Description of the course (if parent designed courses).
  • Description of the course if you use life as you classroom.
  • Ex. In-depth research using online resources, library, and weekly reports. List any specific resources that may be used.
  • Name of the tutorial, co-op, or college where the class will be taken (no abbreviations please).
  • The following resources will not be approved without further details – “online”, “course titles – ex. English”, “hands-on”, “various”, the use of symbols (*), and etc.
  • Do NOT list the books your student is currently using in the public school. Please list the books your student will be using upon leaving the public school.

Once your enrollment is approved and we have the necessary previous school information, we will send an official Records Request to the previous school via the information you provide to us on the enrollment application. This document does two things;

  1. It alerts the previous school that you have enrolled in our school and subsequently withdrawn from that school.
  2. It asks them to release to us all your student(s) records. Once we receive the records, we will notify you via email.

For high school students – We will post all previous high school credits into Applecore (grade reporting system) once they are received in our office.

Immunization records are required for TN, AL and CO families. These records are part of the requirements for private, independent or church-related schools in these states. We do not require immunization records to be submitted for any other states. Medical, Religious and/or Personal exemptions are available in these states. Please visit our Immunization Records page for more information regarding the immunization laws.
Students transferring from a public or private school must be in good standing in the areas of academics, discipline, and attendance. HLA does not accept students who have truancy, suspension, expulsions, alternative school, misdemeanor, felony, and/or are not on target for graduation.

However, HLA now offers an option for those students who find themselves in situations such as those listed above. Call our office for more information about our HLA-NEST Program.

Yes, HLA accepts students all year. However, families will pay full registration fees regardless of the time of year you enroll. Fees are NOT prorated. Open enrollment for each school year ends May 1.  If you are needing to enroll after May 1 for current school year, please call our offices for prior approval.

Note: We recommend high school students complete the semester before transferring to HLA.

No. It is 100% the parent/guardian(s) responsibility to provide lessons and teaching materials for their student(s). If you are interested in enrolling in HLA’s online courses, refer to the HLA Archway Online page and fill out the contact form at the bottom for more information. We do have guidance counselors available to help you figure out what materials/curriculum or program will work best for your family & student.
It can take up to 4-6 weeks for records to come into our office (and sometimes longer in the summer). When these records are received, you will be sent an email notification.
HLA’s policy is that a student’s education is conducted or directed by their own parent(s) or legal guardian(s). Parents/legal guardians can outsource courses and/or hire a tutor if needed. Please contact our office for additional information.
HLA does not require standardized testing. Families living in TN, FL AL, and CO, where HomeLife Academy provides legal covering, are not subject to the standardized testing requirements for homeschoolers in those states. Families living in other states will need to contact their local board of education or another homeschool resource (such as HSLDA) for that answer.
No. If you would like to have your child tested, you will need to contact a local support group for information about any testing that may be offered in your area. For information about testing your own child, check these other providers.



Note: HLA may require ACT or SAT scores for some students before being issued a diploma from HLA. For additional information about ACT/SAT testing, please visit College Entrance Exams.

HLA families should re-enroll before school begins in your area. To avoid increased fees, please enroll by August 1. Returning Families who have not re-enrolled by September 1 will automatically be withdrawn from HLA.
No, HLA does not assign counselors. You are welcome to contact or request the counselor of your choice. However, our counselors do have specialized areas, so some questions may require you to work with a different counselor on occasion. The counselor you work with most often will refer you to the appropriate counselor for those questions when necessary.
HLA is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). There is a difference in Membership and Accreditation with ACSI. Being a member of ACSI is all that is required by church-related laws and the TN Department of Education in order to be considered an “approved” non-public, church-related school in the state of Tennessee. There is no requirement for membership or accreditation in Florida, Alabama or Colorado. Please see Homeschooling in Your State page for further information.

Accreditation requires that a school must use a standard curriculum and due to the nature of our program and the fact that we desire to give parents choices and not dictate which curriculum they must use, Category IV schools are generally not accredited. You cannot gain accreditation without dictating curriculum. Parents lose the right to choose what they teach their children. HLA is constantly looking at options for accreditation that does not sacrifice our freedom and flexibility.

Our transcripts are readily accepted at colleges, universities, military academies, and recruitment offices all over the country and in most cases, colleges are not looking for accreditation. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call to discuss this topic.

The following information is also listed on the first page of registration. You must choose AGREE TO ALL before you can proceed with the registration process. If you have submitted registration for the school year, then you have read and agreed to these terms.


In order to complete your enrollment for each school year, you must complete the following requirements.

  • Final grades and attendance for the Fall and Spring semesters of the previous school year must be reported.
  • Education plan for each registered student for the upcoming school year must be submitted.
  • Grade levels for the upcoming school year for each registered student must be updated.
  • Family contact information must be current.

All of these must be completed by August 1.

Note: You will not receive your Confirmation of Enrollment and your account will not be Active until the above items are completed.

Fees increase after August 1.  Failure to complete these prior to August 1 of each year will result in increased fees for not completing enrollment requirements by the reporting/registration deadline. You will be responsible for any additional registration fees based on the fee schedule in place at the time you meet these requirements.

Failure to complete all of these requirements prior to September 1 of each year will result in the cancellation of your registration and immediate withdrawal from HLA. If you have been withdrawn for failure to meet these requirements but still need to be enrolled with HLA, please contact our office to be reinstated. There will be a $50 reinstatement fee required.