Grades are reported using the Applecore grade reporting system which is included in your registration with HomeLife Academy. The Applecore system is accessed through myHLA.

Grades should be reported two times per year (January 15 and June 15). A final grade is reported for all courses at the end of each semester, as well as the days of attendance. An optional summer term extension is available at the end of each school year for those needing additional time or to take additional courses.

Yes, HLA requires grades and attendance to be reported for each child that is enrolled regardless of their grade level.
Grades and attendance are reported twice a year on or before (January 15 and June 15).
The method you use to track your daily attendance is up to you. All that is required by HomeLife Academy is the total days in attendance for each semester. If you have further questions regarding this, please contact our office. Families living in AL are required to keep daily attendance and are available in Applecore.
This grading system is acceptable for use with elementary and special education students; however, high school students should be assigned letter grades. No high school credit will be given without a letter grade assigned.
If you wish to report grades for previous years before enrolling with HomeLife Academy, additional fees may apply. Please contact our office.
All high school credits are entered into Applecore and are included on the transcript provided by HomeLife Academy. Other grades, such as K-8th non-credit courses, received from previous schools are kept in your student’s file but not entered into the Applecore system.
No, HLA does not require families to report daily grades and quizzes. You will only report semester averages and days of attendance in Applecore. Any daily record keeping should be kept in your records as you feel it is necessary.
For homeschooled students who have previous records on file with an umbrella or private school, we will request those records from the school.

Homeschooled students with no official transcripts or records from previous schools will be subject to the following:

  • High school students who have credits earned before enrollment with HomeLife Academy, but no official transcript documenting those credits, will need to submit all previous high school courses and credits for review and approval. ACT may be required for a diploma in these cases.
  • Credit Review Fees will apply for each year the student earned high school credit without an official transcript.
  • K-8th grade students with no high school credits who are making satisfactory progress will not be required to provide grades for previous years; however, access to the Applecore system for the last recording years is available for an additional fee.
Calendar Year Grade Reporting

HLA’s school year is from August 1 – July 31. For families who wish to follow a calendar year schedule, please refer to our Scheduling page for more information. Please contact a counselor if you need additional help or have questions.

Registration Fee Information:

You can register for the upcoming registration year when you report grades in June or when you report grades in January. However, late registration fees begin after August 1 of each school year.

Also, if you need to enter grades for the previous semester in a school year in which you were not registered, there will be a $50 Credit Review Fee for reporting that period.

January and June are the target dates for reporting grades and attendance. We also have a summer term available for reporting grades if needed. So, you can divide the year-round schooling into two or three grading periods. In January, report grades and days of attendance for any work that has been done so far. In June (or earlier, if needed), report grades for the Spring semester for any work that has been done since the last grade reporting period. If your student has not completed his/her work, you may report the final grade as a Summer term, or you can edit the Spring grade to reflect the final grade. Enter the final days of attendance. Any work still not completed by the end of summer can be carried over into the new school year. Please visit our Scheduling page for more information.
No, we require that you enter the grades for your students. We understand certain circumstances that may arise. If so, HLA may allow staff to enter grades that are submitted in writing for a fee of $10 per semester per student. Please request a Grade Reporting Form and approval through our Records Department.
Here is a general guideline to follow:
For the January 15 grade reporting period, report grades for any school work that has been completed before January 15 (point in time grade). For the June 15 reporting period, report grades for any school work that has been done since the last grade reporting period. If your student has not completed their studies, they can continue through the summer. The Summer term is June 1 – July 31. Any unfinished courses can be carried over into the new school year. Any courses that are carried over into the next school year will be listed as IP (In Progress) in your Education Plan for the new year. If your student completes a course before September 15, you can still enter the final grade in the Summer term.
For assistance, please contact one of our counselors.