HLA does give diplomas upon completion of all 22 required credits. For additional information, please visit Graduation Requirements.


ACT/SAT scores are the primary measurement for college admissions and scholarships. Colleges look carefully at transcripts to make sure a prospective student has had the necessary courses required for admissions. The ACT/SAT tests validate the transcript. Accreditation does not make a difference in most cases. Please refer to Applying to College for additional information for college-bound students, ACT/SAT testing and a list of some of the colleges and universities that our students have attended.

HomeLife Academy requires 22 credits for graduation. Many colleges and scholarship applications require more than 22 credits. Students who are planning to continue their education past high school should be aware of the specific requirements of their future school or scholarships desired and prepare accordingly. Please refer to Graduation Requirements for additional information and specific course requirements for graduation with HomeLife Academy.

While homeschooled students are not bound by the graduation requirements in their state, many like to compare credits and coursework with that of their home state.  Your student can earn an HLA diploma when HLA graduation requirements have been met regardless of the state or country that you live in! Do keep in mind that it is always important to see what the colleges and universities, as well as tech schools, that you may plan to attend, may require.  Often there could be variances or other coursework needed depending on your goals.  HLA’s College4 Path is a solid start to filling the most commonly required and recommended coursework for college admissions.

No. HLA does not require an ACT/SAT/CLT test score to receive a diploma from HLA.

Note: HLA does reserve the right to request ACT/SAT/CLT scores at its discretion based on the best interest of the student and/or the student’s eligibility for enrollment.

CLEP is a test offered by CollegeBoard for the purpose of earning college credit for knowledge you have acquired through independent study. If a student has learned the material well enough to earn college credit then, yes, HLA will accept this for high school credit as well. Each CLEP that is passed would be worth 1 credit towards high school.
Dual Enrollment is when a student is enrolled in a college taking one or more courses, either locally or online, while still in high school. If the student passes the college class, he/she receives credit towards high school as well as college.
A 3-hour college course = 1 credit of high school.
A 1-hour college course = .5 credit of high school.
For additional information please visit the Dual Enrollment page on our website.
A full year course, such as Algebra 1 = 1 credit upon completion.
A one-semester course, such as Health = .5 credit upon completion.
Courses such as PE and music, that do not use a standard curriculum, are best measured by the amount of time spent on the course (150 hours = 1 credit; 75 hours = .5 credit). Please refer to High School Reporting for additional information.
PSAT is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship for juniors in high school, but is recommended as a practice test for any 9th – 12th grader for either the ACT or the SAT. For more information visit the College Entrance Exam page.
Transcripts may be requested through the online Request Manager on your myHLA page. Please include the name of the student and the name and address for each school to which a transcript should be sent.
Yes, HLA does allow early graduation. Students planning to graduate before the age of 16 please note.

  • The student must have at least three (3) years of high school.  HLA does not offer a 2-year high school option.
  • Meet HLA’s minimum credit requirements for graduation.
  • Contact and speak with Diane Benson to request early graduation before your student’s senior year.
  • Complete the early graduation form that the counselor will provide.
  • Students’ transcripts should show the 12th-grade year recorded. You can discuss this with the counselor.
  • NOTE: Students who reside in FL or AL are not eligible for graduation before age 16 (state regulation).
No diplomas will be granted without final grades entered. Spring semester grades are due on or before June 15. If your student needs additional time or will be taking summer courses, coursework must be completed by August 15. Final grades for summer courses must be reported by September 15. Diplomas should be requested no later than September 15 as well.  Any senior whose coursework is not complete before that date must register for the new school year and their graduation date will be after the completion of those courses.

Final grades not submitted by September 15, for coursework completed in the previous school year, will require special approval by a counselor for acceptance and may result in the student being required to re-enroll for the new school year to graduate.

Give HLA’s fax number (901-384-0731) to the school and have them send us an official records request. Once we receive this document from the school, we will withdraw the student and send his/her records. Please make sure all courses, grades, credits and attendance are correct and up to date. Make sure you have no outstanding fees. IMPORTANT: HomeLife Academy is designed for families intending to homeschool through graduation. If you choose to transfer your student to a public or private school, that school may require placement tests to determine the student’s grade placement or credits earned. It is up to each public or private school’s policies whether or not they will accept any credits completed while homeschooling. This applies to students homeschooling through an umbrella school or through the county.
Due to the fact that HomeLife Academy enrolls students from all over the country and internationally, it is not practical to host a graduation ceremony. Many homeschool associations, support groups, churches, etc. provide opportunities for graduation ceremonies locally. For assistance locating a support group in your area please visit our state specific pages.
Deadlines vary depending on the association and the ceremony. Please keep in mind that there is a two week processing time for graduation packets requested from HomeLife Academy, and final grades must be submitted prior to requesting a graduation packet. No diploma certificates will be issued before final grades have been submitted. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please contact our office.
No, HLA does not automatically graduate a senior upon completion of our requirements. Parents must submit a request for the diploma through the Request Manager located in myHLA.
HLA offers a Modified Path for students who may need modified high school courses. A Certificate of Completion is available for special needs students who need to work on basic life skills. Please refer to the Special Needs Students page for additional information concerning these two options.
If you have an (IP) “In Progress” course entered with credit value, this will lower the GPA temporarily until the grade for the course is entered. To see a more accurate GPA, remove the credit associated with the IP course.

We recommend entering courses and textbooks at the beginning of the year into Applecore. When grades are due in January, enter final grades for the Fall semester and the earned credit value. Enter attendance for the number of days completed during the Fall semester. Then enter Spring courses as in progress but no grades or credit values. At the end of the second semester, add the final Spring semester grades, attendance and earned credit value. This will complete the year. Please do not record grades as “School Year”.

Yes, advanced level students can begin taking some high school courses in 8th grade. Please refer to the Middle School section of our website for a list of approved courses and other important guidelines.
HLA offers a diploma for students who meet our graduation requirements. For students wanting to get their GED instead of a diploma, follow the steps below.

Step One: Officially withdraw from HLA
Step Two: File an Intent to Homeschool with the county/BOE
Step Three: Apply to take the GED/Approval from Superintendent