HLA does not require standardized testing. Families living in TN, FL. AL, and CO, where HomeLife Academy provides legal covering, are not subject to the standardized testing requirements for homeschoolers in those states. Families living in other states will need to contact their local board of education or other homeschool resource (such as HSLDA) for that answer.
No. If you would like to have your child tested, you will need to contact a local support group for information about any testing that may be offered in your area. For information about testing your own child, check these links.

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HLA Archway Online offers grade-level placement tests as well as Test Prep courses.

Give HLA’s fax number (901-384-0731) to the school and have them send us an official records request. Once we receive this document from the school, we will withdraw the student and send his/her records. Please make sure all grades and attendance are up-to-date and that you have no outstanding fees. The school may require the student to take a placement test.
Yes, HLA requires grades and attendance to be reported twice a year for each student (including special needs). You may use a Pass/Fail or Excellent/Satisfactory/Need Improvement grading scale for elementary and special needs students.
Yes, advanced level students can take some high school courses during the 8th grade. Please refer to the section of our website specifically for Middle School Students for specific guidelines.
We recommend students to have a minimum of four (4) courses per year. HLA feels the skills of Reading, Writing, and Math (3Rs) are foundational to all other learning. We feel the 3Rs combined with character and Biblical training provide the foundation that all other learning is built upon. The remainder of the day can include non-traditional learning based on the child’s interests. You do not have to purchase textbooks for Kindergarten as library books, games, and hands-on activities are suitable for early elementary age students.
A school day can be made up of both traditional and non-traditional learning activities. For example, a student may spend part of the morning doing activities such as math, writing, and phonics. The afternoon might be spent helping mom fix lunch, reading a book to the younger sibling after lunch, helping mom bake cookies and learning how to double the recipe, helping dad fix the kitchen sink, going to Bible class at church and learning about Noah, and then reading a book before bed. By the end of the day the child has spent a full day of learning (both traditional and non-traditional). All these activities count because all of life is an education.
If you are an HLA family, simply log into myHLA and use the Request Manager to request to have a Counselor contact you. Please include the following information:

  • Nature of your questions or your specific question.
  • Specify if you need a phone call or if email will be sufficient.
  • Phone number and best time of day to call.
  • Some questions may be answered via email when possible.

If you are a non-HLA family, you may submit a request through contact us, call our office, or email a counselor directly.

We recommend enrolling once your student begins Kindergarten so you will have a record of Kindergarten. However, if your student does grade K4, we recommend your student also do grade K5 even if the student is using first-grade materials. This will prevent the student from automatically being forced into high school early and graduating early. For additional questions or assistance, please contact one of our elementary counselors. Please visit our Homeschooling in Your State page for details specific to each state’s compulsory attendance ages.