first year of homeschool

You did it! You just completed your first year as a homeschooler. And you thought you could not do it, but you did. Along with the naysayers, hopefully, you had supporters who cheered you on every step of the way. Certainly, your first year has left you with many impressions of homeschooling.

Several times, you probably questioned whether you should make the decision to homeschool. Then, you finally made the decision. Know that question will rear its ugly head many times along the way. It is only natural to question a decision you make, especially on the days that are hard. You pushed through your doubt and made it this far.

Is homeschooling everything you thought it would be? You probably now laugh at some of the myths people (especially those who never homeschooled) told you about homeschooling:

1) Your children will be weird and unsocialized.
No they won’t – – – >Get Out of the House!

2) Your child will never get into college
Yes they can – – ->See where HLA graduates are going.

3) No one else does it. You will be alone.
No you won’t- – ->Connect with families everywhere!

4) You are not smart enough to teach your child and they won’t learn anything.
Yes you are and there is help – – ->Check out HomeLife Tutorial!

5) You do not know what you are doing and will ruin their life.
Yes you can learn and HLA has people to guide you – – ->Ask our HLA counselors.

None of these issues are particular to homeschooling. Children who attend public and private schools have the same challenges. The difference is when you homeschool, you can change those outcomes. Homeschooling opens the doors to many learning opportunities and experiences your children may not have access to in another academic environment.

Did you find a rhythm that worked for your family? Homeschooling is a unique experience. Not one homeschool looks identical. You can include the same curriculum in your school as another family, but the way your family uses it against another will be different. Your children are different from someone else’s just as you are a different teacher than another parent. With that, finding the “stride and flow” or rhythm of your homeschool is important, because it is the key to how your children learn and you teach. If you already found it this past school year, great! If you are still searching, do not worry, because you will learn the rhythm of your school will change several times before you reach the finish line. The elementary, middle and high school years are all different. Your children and you will grow and adapt to the different stages as your rhythm changes.

Did you ever want to quit along the way? If so, hopefully, you are happy you stayed the course. Homeschooling is not for the weak and is also not for every family. If this past year ended with you deciding to not continue, consider speaking to an HLA counselor before deciding to stop. Success as well as failure are all a part of homeschooling. Talking to one of the counselors will help you work through your concerns. They can also help you put together a plan for success for the new school year.

Support and confidence are what you need to keep going and be successful as you homeschool. HLA offers support to its families in a variety of ways. We have counselors, online groups to connect with us and other families, offer workshops and more. We are also just a telephone call away. Although the confidence is really all on you, knowing you have that type of support may be just the boost that builds the confidence you need. Take advantage of our knowledgeable HLA counselors who want you to succeed.

You may have only completed one year as a homeschooler, but you now have experience. You know more than that person who is right now considering homeschooling and wondering if they can do it. Can you remember back that far when you were just like them? Believe it or not, you could be their light and help them with their decision to start on this journey. You may be the person they will listen to best, because you were recently just where they are now. It may amaze you how much your experience from the past year could help another parent who is on the fence about homeschooling. Do not be afraid to share. Fellow homeschoolers are our best support. That is one of the reasons our HLA counselors, most who are current or former (with graduates) homeschoolers, can provide so much help to our families.

Are you ready to do this again? Registration is now open for the new school year. If you have not already, it is time to register, so be sure to do it before August 1. If you are wondering if you can do this again, know you can. HLA will be right there alongside of you for support and cheering you on.

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