by Trisha Goddard

Goddard family. Picture courtesy of the Goddard family.

Please send our family anywhere in the world on an adventure, because we will make it into the best learning opportunity yet! We love homeschooling. It gives us flexibility as well as unlimited opportunities to learn, even when it means we “have to” spend together.

Goddards distributing bibles. Picture courtesy of the Goddards.

When our children do their daily assignments for math, language, science, history and reading, everyone is in the main living area, which is also known as the dining room, living room and office. Everyone chooses where they would prefer to study – at a desk, kitchen table or cozied up on the couch. Music is often streaming, yet sometimes, some prefer their own favorites, so headphones are used, even by me. Hmm. Now, if I only had noise-canceling, Bose headphones . . .

When needed, I explain the workbook material, and sometimes, I have to sit and do some of the assignments together. Thankfully, our children are pretty good at tackling their assignments on their own and come ask for help when needed.

Besides school books, there is what I call “everyday life” opportunities to learn, like:

. . . making a meal of rice, chicken and a big pan of homemade brownies.

. . . playing games like Ticket to Ride, Minecraft or Ages of Empires.

. . . learning how to manage finances for groceries, clothes and electronics.

Jesuit ruins. Picture courtesy of the Goddards.

. . . taking field trips in our community and to historic or touristic type places.

. . . attending a conference or other events.

. . . traveling, either nationally or internationally.

For our family, our favorite learning experiences have been attending and serving at conferences alongside Latins and First Nations people groups, visiting First Nations communities and traveling by land to Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Goddards visiting with First Nation Ache leaders. Picture courtesy of the Goddard family.

Homeschooling has provided our children with opportunities to dream and participate in things that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. And for that reason, we are so thankful for HomeLife Academy that provides a legal platform, guidance, accountability and a network of families.

Oldest Goddard son down by the river. Picture courtesy of the Goddard family.

Homeschooling, for our family, gives us freedom to train and equip our children, using workbooks plus everyday life for the ultimate learning experience!

Trisha’s passion is serving Him wholeheartedly in her family and in ministry. Married to Mike since 2001, they have three children: Michael, Lea and Kaleb. They have lived in Paraguay, South America since 2004 and serve as field workers of Partners for Paraguay ( Trisha loves to read, spend time with her family and travel. Find out more by visiting

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