celebrate back to school

Ready or not, here it comes . . . the first day of school.

That day comes every year for all of us and often, it is the same routine. Books are cracked open, pencils hit the paper and it is non-stop studies until school is over for that first day. The first day of school (just like the last) only comes once a year, so why not make it extra special?
There is no right way to celebrate the first day of school, but there may be a wrong way. That would be letting the day pass just like it is one of the other 179 days (or how many other days of school) you are required to school. Make it special!

Prepare a Special Meal
Breakfast, lunch or dinner. Plan a special meal around the one you enjoy. Make it fun (and if you cancelebrate back to school handle it) with kids in the kitchen. Choose a theme that has you serving donuts or cupcakes for breakfast. It may not sound healthy, but it sure sounds good. Travel around the world and sit down to eat lunch or dinner in Italy, Poland or Zimbabwe. Blind fold someone, give them a spin and let them peg the country on a map for the origin of the special meal.

Take Pictures
That annual school picture is something homeschoolers do too. We are just able to have a little bit more fun with the pictures we take. Of course, take the formal picture for relatives, but let your children be creative with other pictures you can take. Let them wear that favorite hat or hold that special toy. If pajamas are preferred, let them wear those too. If Bob the cat or Freddie the dog often hangs around in the classroom while your children are doing school, do not forget the family pet(s). While you are at it, make sure to include the teacher in the picture taking fun.

Host a Back to Homeschool Bash
Nothing beats a party and one with friends (children and parents) is the best! Gather your children’s’ friends and your homeschool mommy friends by the pool, at the park or some local entertainment venue and have a party. Have everyone bring their favorite foods to share and just enjoy the company of each other. Although the school year can become busy, make plans to continue meeting once a month throughout the school year. It will be a great way for you to support your homeschool friends and they you.

New School Supplies
Did you know children cannot start a new school year without new school supplies? Okay, well, that is not completely true, but having a new set of everything they will need school supplies wise shines a brighter light on a new school year. Wrap them up or present them in a cool carrier on the first day. Another neat idea is to buy what you know they will need and then give them a few dollars to buy some celebrate back to schoolfun items of their choosing. You may not see any to need for an ink pad stamping set or Slime, but, hey, it is the first day of school.

Plant a Seed (or a Flower)
Your child is going to grow a lot from the first day of school until the last one. It will happen right before your eyes. Let your child be amazed in the same manner as they watch their very own plant sprout from a seed and watch it grow. Get a pot, some soil and a seed (or a little plant) and let them plant something. Part of their daily routine during school and into the summer can be watering and caring for their plant. Watching it grow over the years will be exciting. If you have young children, the plant can be one they nurture over the years and maybe take it with them when they leave for college.

Tell us how you celebrate the first day of school.

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