Applecore is the go to location for reporting academic information – grades, attendance and your child’s education plan – for a school year. Many of you may remember having to enter the education plan in a separate area. Since Applecore was implemented, education plans may easily be entered into the program.

The following are the steps for entering the education plans and fall or spring pre-grade areas for students in kindergarten through high school.

1) Log into your HomeLife Academy (HLA) Member Login page.
2) Select Applecore.
3) Select View/Report Grades for desired student.
4) Select Add Year.
5) Select Add a Grade (return to students).
6) Select Add Course.

Applecore will automatically select Credit Courses or Non-Credit Courses according to the grade level you choose. If your student is in middle school and adding an early credit, be sure to select Credit Courses for any courses for which they will earn credit. Also be sure [none] is selected under Special Courses unless your student is in high school and there is an applicable course type to select.

The Select Category section is where you will choose the main subject of study. When you select one of those options, a detailed list appears for you to choose the specific topic in that subject to list the course your child is taking. In the picture shown on the left, “K-8 Language Arts” has been chosen and a detailed list of language arts topics appears in the Select Course box below. Feel free to click around in the Select Category area to see the options that appear for each subject. If the specific course is not listed, select Can’t Find Course, so you may enter a course title for the class.

Before leaving this area, you will list the specific name of the textbook (ex: Analytical Grammar), online source or material you will use to teach your child the course, in the Textbook/Resources box under the Course Type section. The Textbook/Resources section may be updated at any time to reflect the material you are using in school. Specific titles or a detailed description are required to complete your enrollment. If you have a high school student who is taking courses at a tutorial or college, you may put the name of the tutorial or college as the resource. Also, do not use the course name (ex: Algebra I) as the Textbook/Resource or either “various, online, or misc.”

The Textbook/Resources section may be updated at any time to reflect the material you are using in school. Once you have completed all of the information, you select Add Course, which is shown at the bottom. Repeat this for each course and you will have completed your education plan for the new school year.

Feel free to click Edit if you would like to enter additional information for the course such as the semesters or attempted credits. The other two tabs at the top, Course Info and Notes, may be edited as well. Course Info shows the teaching resources you previously entered under Textbook/Resources and Notes is an area where you may input information for your use regarding the particular course.

Once you have registered for the upcoming school year; entered all of the courses for your education plan and reported your grades and attendance, click Submit for Review, which is shown at the top of the screen. If you will not be enrolling a student for the upcoming school year, you only need to enter grades and attendance for your student and save the information. Please call the HLA office or e-mail us to let us know you will not be returning.



As always, if you have additional questions regarding entering your student’s education plan and courses for the school year, contact an HLA counselor, who will be happy to assist you.

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