Lost Your Homeschool Spirit? Get It Back!

Summer vacation was a blast. You would not mind going back to those warm and sunny days. September came sooner than you wanted, but now it is here and time to start school. The only problem is somewhere over the summer, you lost your homeschool spirit. Now, you have got to figure out how to get it back.

For many, this is not a new experience. For those of you who are new to homeschooling, heads up: this could happen to you too. Losing your homeschool spirit usually happens three times a year: 1) When summer vacation ends, 2) During the winter holiday season and 3) The whole month of April. The first two times probably happen because you get to spend a wonderful time with family and hate to return to your regular routine. The latter, month of April, is because you are so close to the finish line (end of the school year) and it feels like an eternity before you will ever arrive. Knowing it could happen is reason enough to be prepared if it does. These are a few ways to find your homeschool spirit again.

See the Big Picture
Grab a calendar and plot your days, weeks, and months of the school year. Nothing is more encouraging than knowing there is an end in sight. Whether you homeschool for the required 180 days or go year-round, there needs to be an end. For the 180 days, it is obvious when that time period is over. If you go year-round, decide on a date to stop and start again. Just remember to take a break before diving into the next school year. “Year-round” is not to be taken literally.
While you are working on your weekly lesson plans, remember to include some special time for yourself. That will become important on those hard days.

Strategize with Your Team
Although you are the “boss,” it is good to strategize with your team members (your children). You should discuss academic expectations and ideas for how everyone is going to work together to make it through the semester or school year. Ensuring everyone has a good understanding of the goal (forget graduation, just concentrate on making it through the school year) will reduce (not eliminate) confusion. Your job as a “boss” is to teach. Their job as an “employee” is to learn. Strategize how you will work together as a team to make that happen. People are more open to new experiences or returning to a previous routine when there is a plan in place.

Make the First Day Fabulous
Celebrate and kick off the school year with family fun that include these ideas. Whether you are starting a new school year or returning after a break, everyone will be more excited if guaranteed they can expect some fun. Making the start or return to school unique and adventurous may help everyone quickly find their homeschool spirit.

Homeschool spirit is usually lost because no one is looking forward to returning to school. It not only happens to children, but to parents too. If you have children who are struggling with starting school again, ease them back into the homeschool routine. If school becomes something everyone is looking forward to doing, your homeschool spirit may not get lost after summer vacation, during the winter holiday season, or at any time in the month of April.

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