This may not be not a fact, but is most likely the truth: the worst homeschool year you will ever have is the one you are in now, the first year. Beginning something new is always hard and homeschooling is no different. You started the school year feeling confident and encouraged. As the school weeks have progressed, you may have felt defeated and full of doubt about your decision to homeschool. You may have even considered throwing in the towel or waving the white flag. It sounds a bit like you have got a case of the First Year Homeschool Blues.

The year is full of a lot of firsts. It is the first time you:

. . . had enough confidence to homeschool.

. . . are completely responsible for your child’s education.

. . . are stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new, homeschooling.

All of those firsts are enough to create a sense of anxiety in anyone. You may also feel defeated and have some doubt.

Has all of that left you feeling blue? Every experience you are having is normal and you will get through them. Consider it your initiation into homeschooling. If you feel like crying, know it is all right to cry. You will do a lot of it as a homeschooler. Some things that may make you cry this year are:

. . . your child asking to return to “real school”?

. . . believing you have absolutely no idea what you are doing.

. . . thinking you are going to damage your child.

. . . the lack of support from your family.

. . . missing life before homeschooling.

. . . feeling like you are all alone.

The list goes on and on, so just cry. Do it now!

After you are done, dust yourself off. Right now, hopefully, you are feeling better. Know this:

. . . homeschooling isn’t easy, but it is worth it (even the tears).

. . . homeschooling is not for everyone but give yourself a decent chance to see if it is right for your family before you give up.

. . . Homeschool Blues and hard days are part of the homeschool experience, so plan for them and learn what to do to overcome them.

When you get hit with the Homeschool Blues, know there is healing. Try these simple steps:

. . . pray.

. . . take a break and just enjoy your children.

. . . revisit why you decided to homeschool.

. . . grant yourself some mercy.

. . . recommit to your homeschool plan or make a new one.

. . . see your plan through for the entire school year.

Homeschooling is a journey full of failures and successes. Others have walked in your path and experienced the Homeschool Blues. Persevere. At the end of the school year, you will be celebrating another first: completing your first year of homeschooling.

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