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Many of you are just rounding the corner to the end of your school year. Some of you will continue into the summer. Others are already preparing for a new school year. HomeLife Academy (HLA) has all types of homeschoolers. We have some who follow a traditional school calendar, others who homeschool year-round and some who school months at a time and break for months at a time. The one thing all of you have in common is when you have questions and want to get in touch with someone at HLA, you want it to happen now! Well, we want to make connecting with HLA fast, easy and possible whenever you need help.

We’re Just Like You!

Many of the HLA counselors and staff are former or current homeschoolers just like you. We understand that getting answers to everything homeschooling when you need it is important. Along with the many services HLA offers its families we also offer support along the way as you homeschool. You may always call us at (888) 560-0774 or connect with our counselors and staff by e-mail. We also have other ways you may connect with someone at HLA.

HomeLife Academy Blog

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HomeLife Academy on Facebook

Everyone (well, a lot of people) is on Facebook and HLA is too. We post inspirational quotes to get your day started, quick updates and other news that make homeschooling easier. Like and follow HomeLife Academy on Facebook.

HLA Live Events

HLA hosts live events several times a year. Many counselors and staff attend these events and are on hand to answer questions about homeschooling and everything HLA. We also have giveaways during these events. Join HLA Live Events.

Connect in Your State

If you live in Alabama, Florida or Tennessee HLA has a group dedicated to your state. Posts include homeschool events, scholarships, deadlines, legislation and other state news of interest to homeschoolers, curricula and more.

HLA Connect – Alabama
Join HLA Connect – Alabama.

HLA Connect – Florida
Join HLA Connect – Florida.

HLA Connect – Tennessee
Join HLA Connect – Tennessee.

HLA Connect Global

HLA serves and supports international families. If your family is one, join this community to connect with HLA.

HomeLife Community

We believe in supporting each other as homeschoolers. In the community group, you will be able to connect with HLA homeschoolers from around the world (domestic and international). We all have homeschooling in common and you may be surprised by what other things we also have in common. Connect with your HLA community.

2017/2018 HLA Seniors & Grads

If you have a graduating senior this year, be sure to join this group. Posts specific to events, scholarships, deadlines, etc. that benefit and impact your senior and graduation are shared in the group.

A new group will be started for students graduating 2018/2019. If you will have a graduating senior next year, be sure to join that group once it is established. Join 2017/2018 HLA Seniors & Grads.

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