One week from today, June 15, grades and attendance for the spring semester are due to the HomeLife Academy (HLA) office. Have you reported your grades and attendance yet? If not, there is no need to worry. Reporting your information using Applecore is quite easy, especially since you may do it all online.

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Applecore was implemented by HLA three years ago and the convenience it offers for grade and attendance reporting continues to be one of the many reasons families choose HLA as their umbrella school.

HLA requires grades and attendance to be reported two times during the school year; January 15 and June 15.

“If you have not finished the minimum 180 days required by the state by June 15, just enter what you have completed and you may finish the balance during the summer months,” said Phyllis Broadus, HLA Kindergarten through Eighth Grader Counselor. “Even if there are plans to do school in the summer, we don’t need semester grades for summer. Parents just need to be sure to record their fall and spring grades when they are due.”

Although Applecore is user-friendly, occasionally users have experienced some minor technical difficulties.

“The only real problem we’ve had is when people are entering text using an Apple device,” said Bob Broadus, who provides counseling team and Applecore support for HLA families. “After entering text using a keyboard, they have to get out of the keyboard, so they can click submit and send their information. Another thing is that if people use Chrome, they should use the latest version.”

Tyler Parkerson, who handles web development for HLA also shared an important point to remember when using Applecore.

“Applecore is not supported on mobile devices. Some devices might be able to handle it, but it was designed for desktop/laptop computers,” said Parkerson.

When entering grades for kindergarten through sixth grade students, parents have three options: 1) use satisfactory, excellent or needs improvement; 2) use letter grades or 3) use pass or fail. For high school students, parents may only use letter grades.

Bob Broadus went on to share other tips for parents entering spring grades.

“There is the “add” grade button and an “edit” button. If they previously entered the spring classes, they should click edit if they just want to add the grade for that semester,” said Broadus. “If they are now entering the spring grades and there are no changes to the classes from the fall, they should click add grade, so the spring semester will appear with the class for them to add a grade.”

Broadus suggested parents begin entering final grades and attendance as soon as they are able before the June 15 deadline. Delaying and waiting until June 15 may cause reporting time to take longer than normal, because of an influx of people trying to complete records by the deadline.

If you have additional questions about how to complete your grade and attendance reporting using Applecore, visit the grade reporting section on the HLA website to learn more and obtain answers to frequently asked questions.

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