Friday, June 15, was the deadline for HomeLife Academy (HLA) families to submit the spring grade and attendance reports. As usual during each reporting deadline, which is January 15 (for fall or the first semester), it was a busy day, really week, in the office. Every time around those dates, families look for more guidance from HLA as to how to complete their reports on time. In response to that need, HLA staff and counselors held an HLA Meet & Greet presents a Grade Reporting workshop in Jackson, Tennessee.

Bagels and coffee were served at the event that was held at Panera Bread. HLA staff Kelly Voyles – Admissions & Account Management Team Leader, Julie Riddle – Admissions Assistant and Jackie May – Incoming Records Team Leader were joined by Christy Gatti – NEST Counselor to assist parents.

Although the focus of the workshop was reporting, the floor was open for parents to ask questions about any other homeschool issues they had. That proved beneficial for Melissa Higgins who plans to return to homeschooling her five children in the fall. She had homeschooled her children for six years. After moving twice in one year, she needed a break, so Melissa and her husband decided to put their children in public school.

“I gave into the ‘you are not doing it well’ mentality,” said Melissa who jokingly shared she was a “nervous wreck” with her return to homeschooling, especially with a high schooler. “I came back to homeschooling, because it is really what I think the Lord wants me to do and because I think it is what’s best for my children.”

Melissa found the workshop incredibly informative and has a new confidence about homeschooling.

“There is a lot of information and I definitely feel like there is an amazing support group at HomeLife Academy,” said Melissa.

Parents were walked through every step of the reporting process. Other topics that were discussed included the number of required courses for elementary school, how and what to list in a high school portfolio, how to figure credits and more.

“I had a few technical questions as well as specific questions about high school, and how to report grades and credits,” said Carmen Chandler who has a rising ninth grade daughter and middle school son. “I also gleaned information that I did not know I needed that is going to be very beneficial as we go forward.”

In the fall, the Chandlers will start their sixth year as homeschoolers. Carmen’s children also attended public school for a few years and she has seen the many benefits of bringing them home.

“I enjoy the flexibility and being able to be with my children,” said Carmen. “We only get a little bit of time with them. Being able to see them grow, change and do things are what I enjoy about homeschooling.”

The HLA Meet & Greet presents a Grade Reporting workshop is one of the many events held by HLA staff and counselors throughout the year. If you live in Alabama, Florida or Tennessee, join one of the state group Facebook pages to keep up to date on HLA and other events happening in your area.

“I love the meet & greets, because I get to interact with local homeschool parents and share in their journey. It is special whether they are just beginning to homeschool, ending a journey or preparing for graduation,” said Kelly who graduated her last child in 2017. “The journey is sweet, painful, joyful, encouraging, exhausting, but worth it.”

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