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As many of you know we continue to gain families from countries all over the world. On August 15th, 2012 we had 92 families representing 14 countries. Twenty two more international families have enrolled since then! These families have all come to us by word-of-mouth or referral from another family. And many of them have been referred to us in the last couple of years by HSLDA. The reason we seem to attract families in other countries is mainly due to our flexibility regarding enrollment, curriculum choices, transcripts, diplomas etc. For example, last year HSLDA attorney Mike Donnelly called me and we ended up doing a conference call with the gentleman in Poland. Our amazing staff cut through a lot of red tape and jumped through many hoops to get him exactly what he needed. In the end we did serve his needs and were just as blessed as was he and his family.

Mike Donnelly has encouraged us to streamline our registration process and increase the fees a little for international families to cover additional expenses. He believes we can have a widespread impact if we do so because most schools do not have the flexibility that we do. As a result of this flexibility and the success with families we have served so far we’ve been invited to the Global Home Education Conference: (you’ll see our logo on the sponsorship page of this site).

On November 1st, April and I will go as representatives of HLA to continue the process of researching and learning how to better serve families internationally. We are thrilled to take this message around the world: Moms and Dads can be GREAT teachers too!!  We will learn a ton, take incredible notes and come back with reports. We will also be able to network with key leaders and just let them know who we are. Then we will get to work afterwards on streamlining the registration. We are envisioning a registration map where the first thing a family does is select a country and then the region or state. From there the registration process would be completely customized depending on where they live and would include legal information terms and conditions etc. More on those details later.

What I am most excited about is the fact that HSLDA chose Berlin, Germany. I know… Germany right?!? Why would they hold a homeschool conference in the only country in Europe where homeschooling is not legal?? For the same reason they went to state capitals in the 70s and 80s and set up camp and held rallies in US states where homeschooling was not legal. This is all about raising awareness and raising support and HomeLife Academy is going to be right there to help. It does seem like a pretty big step and that is why we have deliberated for so long. But it also appears that God has been putting all the other pieces in place to make this step even possible. He had us set up team leaders, brought us an incredible records staff, had us open a developer’s office for Tyler and his future staff, helped us build our own grade reporting system, and through it all continued to encourage us through wonderful families and their terrific feedback. So I don’t feel like we are jumping into the unknown. I do feel like God has opened this door for us. We will step through slowly and humbly and see what God would have us do to serve homeschoolers around the world.

In Christ, david

PS It’s not too late to sponsor a homeschool family and help them get to the conference!! —