On October 24th 20 HLA staff members gathered in the upper room of Old Country Store in Jackson for an “All Things High School Meeting.” As always, the meeting begins with laughter. In fact, as April and I headed upstairs she asked me, “Which room did she say it was in?” I replied, “Just listen for the laughter.” Sure enough…down the hall we heard the sound of laughter. My thought was, ‘What a blessing! Everyone loves each other and loves serving homeschool families!’




We eat and smile and tell stories for the first hour, introducing several new staff members and recalling our humble beginnings in Memphis. I sit there with chills for a good deal of the time, in awe of how God provides for us, just looking at the faces of these wonderful people. On one side of the room are the incredible ladies of the records and billing departments. Across from them sit our homeschool counselors. I begin to tell the story of trusting God in the beginning and in moving to Jackson, and everywhere in between. Then I notice that the tables and chairs form a two-wing bird! From the start, God’s vision for HLA is that we all together form a two-wing bird — one wing, the records department
and the other wing, the homeschool counselors. To the best of our abilities we’ve kept the two separate but very connected in order for this ministry bird to really take flight. And there we sit, forming that bird right in the room. May seem silly…but I often see God’s hand in the simplest thing. I think it’s because His hand is in the simple things of our lives.

Before we dig into the main High School meeting my brother, Tyler, came online via Skype to say hi to everyone. Tyler’s office in FL is soon to grow as well, as we look and pray for another part-time developer. For quite a while his workload has been more than one man can do. So we’re all pretty excited….and so is he!

The goal of the meeting was to train everyone on some important and very helpful improvements to our account management and grade reporting system as well as talk about how to better serve our high school families. Almost daily we experience updates and changes based on requests and ideas from our staff. Tyler churns out new code at a such a fast rate, and our amazing staff keeps up with the needs of our families so well, that it requires us to have  meetings each year to catch up on the improvements!

Five hours in the upstairs of Casey Jones’ Old Country Store went by like a blitz. So much to cover… but so good to cover it with friends who are committed to serving families. You may say it’s a labor of love, but it’s really not. There is so much love that the labor rarely seems like real labor.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and your family!