HLA 2019 Teacher of the Year

Homeschool teachers are special people who give their all to the students they teach. There is no one better than their students to praise their worthiness as candidates for the HomeLife Academy (HLA) Teacher of the Year Award. For the past several years, HLA staff and counselors have had the opportunity to meet so many of our homeschool parents through the eyes of their students. Each year, we receive numerous nominations for the award and this year was no different. After careful and prayerful consideration, Janet Anglin, has been named our 2019 HLA Teacher of the Year.

Janet is a pastor’s wife, church planter, missionary, tutor, an encourager of other moms, and a homeschool mom to five children. Nominations for Janet were received from all five of her children. Although individuals, all five unanimously agreed on one word that describes their mother: Godly.

“She possesses strength, willpower, greatness, leadership, power and the staunch ability to influence others,” said her son, David. “In fact, to take it a step further, my mom is all of these things while being meek. Jesus said in Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.”

David also shared that his mother’s meekness is not the absence of power, but instead great power harnessed. Other words her children used to describe Janet include full of love, courageous, selfless, full of humility, trustworthy, faithful, a leader, strong and determined.

Those qualities come through in everything Janet does from managing her home as a wife and mother, to serving in the church and working with missionaries, to caring for and homeschooling her children. She also uses her influence and experience as a homeschooler to not only benefit her children, but those of other homeschool families.

“In a world that demonizes and disparages both motherhood and the mother’s right to educate her own children as well as the ability to do so, my mom indeed swims against the mainstream current of our society,” said her son, David, who is inspired by her strength and courage as a leader and not a follower. “Many women on the cover of business magazines, politicians trying to win over the hearts of the people, articles attempting to bring about controversy will discourage both motherhood as well as homeschooling.”

Janet has homeschooled all of her children from the beginning. Education is important to her and providing the best education for them all is her goal. From making reading fun in the early years all the way through to their higher education, Janet continues to be an advocate for her children academically and emotionally. She has also been a living example and inspiration for her children as they have witnessed Janet rely on her faith to carry her through some difficult times. Along with her health struggles with Sjogren’s Syndrome, Janet has experienced challenges from people.

“I have witnessed her experience backlash, disdain and hatred in the last few years simply because she is a Godly woman and stands for truth and truth solely,” said David.

Despite that, Janet perseveres. She even works small jobs to earn money, so her children can participate in fun and extracurricular activities. Her tireless energy and commitment to them is why they nominated her.

Choosing a Teacher of the Year is never an easy task. There were so many amazing teachers to consider. Because of that, Kaleena McNabb was chosen as a runner up. She made the decision to continue homeschooling her children while also caring for her husband who is sick and disabled.

“She made time to teach us herself rather than do the easy thing and throw us back into public school,” said her daughter.

Providing a good education for her children is extremely important to Kaleena. Her daughter also shared there have been school days completed in the car or while sitting in a corner on the waiting room floor, while Kaleena took her husband to his doctor’s appointments. Many days, she has pushed through exhaustion, so her children can receive the best education. Kaleena is her children’s’ number one cheerleader and always tells them how proud she is of them. Through everything, she continuously reminds them to always, “keep God first!”

Congratulations to Janet for being named the 2019 HLA Teacher of the Year and to Kaleena for being the runner up. Janet received an Amazon gift card, a coffee subscription box, one free year of PureFlix, a free registration, and a trophy. Kaleena received an Amazon gift card and a free registration.

HLA thanks all of the students who submitted nominations for the HLA Teacher of the Year Award. It is a testament to the fact that the work you do as homeschool teachers is not ignored and is appreciated.

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