Over the past 13 years, my husband and I have had over 40 foster children. We’ve had two biological children and a special needs adoption from China. We never planned on adopting any more children, but one of our foster children was completely abandoned. We had taken her in at 10 months, but once she turned 4 we decided to move forward with the adoption process. We were the only parents she had ever known and we wanted to solidify her place in our family. During those 4 years, I was able to keep her at a necessary arm’s length emotionally. I was nurturing and loving someone else’s child. It was something God had equipped me to do and I was good at it. I loved seeing mothers regain rights and I had a heart for reconciliation. When this reconciliation never happened with this one like it had all of the others, I realized that I had to really catch up emotionally.

One day, the Lord really impressed homeschooling on my heart… so much so that there was no denying it was my next step. How could I tell my husband? I protected our conversation by removing all distractions and I cried. I explained how God had made it clear to me that we were being called to something my husband was totally against. He literally said, “Are we moving to Africa?” At the moment, it seemed like an equal endeavor. I told him we needed to homeschool our youngest daughter. He amazingly agreed.

These past 6 months have been a time of growth… and the best gift that my daughter and I have ever been given. Our mornings are spent with her in my lap reading, talking, drawing, sharing ideas. The most beautiful parts of her are seen through the homeschool experience and I am so glad I didn’t miss this. I would have risked real bonding and truly seeing the beauty in her.

We have now decided to bring our other 3 children home from an incredible classic private school. We want to experience this with them also. I just can’t say enough about how many opportunities we have been afforded through HomeLife Academy. THIS is a ministry and it makes HUGE differences in REAL families, like mine. I am thankful.

– Sarah