inspire_equip350Sometimes, going back to the way it used to be is a good thing. So, that is what HomeLife Academy (HLA) is going to do. We’re going “old school” and back to the basics with our upcoming Inspire & Equip Conference that will be held at the HLA office in Jackson, Tennessee March 10-11.

HLA has served homeschooling families for almost 15 years. During that time, we have seen a dramatic change in the attitude of families that choose to homeschool. We have also seen a change in the type of support they receive from events that are held to meet their needs.

“While the practical and tangible elements of homeschooling are necessary and important, to leave out or lessen the value of the philosophy and heart of homeschooling is like building a house without a firm foundation,” said HLA Senior Administrator Angela McKee. “We want to refocus the direction of this event back to the early days, where heart and philosophy were hand in hand with the practical and tangible needs of the homeschooling family.”

Working closely with homeschool families, the HLA staff has seen so many success stories. On the other side, we have also seen families become burned out, step away from homeschooling and choose another means for educating their children. The hope is the conference will “Inspire families in their journey and better Equip them to finish it!”

The two-day event is free and opens on Friday night with dinner and keynote speaker, HLA board member John Pittman. Attendees return on Saturday morning for a full day of presentations by a great lineup of speakers that include HLA parents Kenneth and KaBao McCarver and HLA counselors and staff. They will speak on several homeschool issues and there will be interactive discussions and Q&A time. We are limiting space for this event, which keeps it intimate and personal for those who attend.

HLA Speakers
Karen Johnson, Senior High Guidance Counselor
Margie Abbitt, Middle & Early High School Guidance Counselor
April Parkerson, Co-Founder of HomeLife Academy and Director of Marketing/Events & Global Development
Christy Gatti, Grade Reporting Support
Calente Tapp, Admissions Counselor
Phyllis Lerro, High School Guidance Counselor
Phyllis Broadus, K-Sixth Guidance Counselor
Mona Housman, High School Guidance Counselor
Lani Carey, Senior High School Guidance Counselor

Dinner will be served on Friday evening with the first 50 registered guests receiving their meal for free. After that, dinner will be $10 per person. An optional lunch will be available on Saturday for $5 with all of the proceeds going to a fundraiser for the Jackson American Heritage Girls Troop (TN0139). Free childcare will be provided on Friday night. Visit the Inspire & Equip Conference website to learn more information and to R.S.V.P. for the event.

Inspire & Equip Conference, March 10-11, 2017
3563 Highway 45 North
Jackson, Tennessee 38305

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