HLA hits the road for convention season

It is about that time of year again when HomeLife Academy (HLA) hits the road. Where are we going you ask? Well, we are going a lot of places. Why are we going to those places? Well, it’s homeschool convention and fair season. Who are we going to see? Well, we are coming to see you!

Fair and convention season is an exciting time for HLA. It gives us an opportunity to meet so many of our families. We also get to speak to those considering homeschooling or those who want to learn more about what HLA offers homeschool families. Over the years, we have formed relationships with many of the families we serve. Because we support families domestically and abroad, many of those relationships have only been by telephone. Fair and convention season gives us at HLA a chance to introduce ourselves in person and have in real life experiences with all of you.

This year, we kick off the fairs and events season in Nashville for the Teach Them Diligently (TTD) convention, which will be in Nashville March 28-30. HLA will make two stops in Alabama with one for the Christian Home Education Fellowship (CHEF) Home Education Convention April 26-27 in Birmingham, and then return to that state for TTD-Alabama May 9-11 in Mobile. We will then see you in Tennessee at the Heritage Homescholars event on May 20 in Greenville, and then again July 19-20 for the Chattanooga Southeast Tennessee Home Education Association (CSTHEA) Curriculum Fair in Chattanooga. If you live in or around Florida, be sure to come out to the Florida Parent Educators Association (FPEA) Homeschool Convention in Orlando May 23-25.

Each event is geared towards the needs of homeschoolers. There will be speakers that include notable, but relatable, homeschool personalities, workshops with useful tips and resources from getting started homeschooling to navigating the journey, and of course, the curricula. Seeing curricula in person allows you to touch and flip through the pages of the books, which is better than viewing samples online. Being able to speak with curriculum representatives, who can answer all of your questions about the material, will help you decide which product is right for your children and you.

The best part about attending any of these events is getting to sit down and having a conversation with someone from HLA. We will be able to talk to you one-on-one and face-to-face about homeschooling. If you are curious about homeschooling and wondering how to get started, come talk to us. If you are having difficulty deciding on an academic path for the current or next school year, come talk to us. If your child is starting high school this year and you are concerned about preparing them for their future, come talk to us. If you are currently homeschooling and doubting your ability to continue, come talk to us!

We hope you come out to one (or more) of these events to visit with us. Our counselors also hold workshops in cities throughout Tennessee and in Alabama. If there is not one currently scheduled near you, you may request one to be held in your area.

As always, if you ever need to contact someone at HLA about anything, you may connect with us in one of these manners. We are always here for our families.

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