A higher score on the ACT can make all the difference in planning your college experience. We want to make sure all our students are fully equipped for whatever path they choose! As part of that mission, we are proud to announce our new partnership with Jane Ross Tutoring.  

Since 1979, Jane Ross Tutoring has been helping high school students raise their scores on the ACT.  They have trained thousands of students who have then used their higher scores to earn prized scholarships and priority college admissions.  They have recently collected their most effective strategies into a specialized Online ACT Course.  For a monthly subscription of only $19.99, students gain unlimited access into the entire library of instructional videos and practice quizzes in an asynchronous course format.

Ready to jump in? HomeLife Academy students can access a sample science lesson for free by clicking here. Otherwise, visit the Jane Ross Tutoring homepage and click “Online Prep” for more details. Make sure your student is fully prepared for whatever path they choose! For the college route, “Higher Scores Open Doors.”