Every student needs support. Support can look different for everyone, that’s why HomeLife Academy is excited to announce our new partnership with TelePlay Therapy! When we heard about the services offered through this program, we knew they would be a wonderful resource for our homeschool families who may no longer receive therapy benefits through their local school systems.

TelePlay Therapy is a 100% online service because they believe in “bettering the whole child while working with the family in their natural environment:”

  • We are a virtual company dedicated to improving your child’s and family’s life through therapeutic and child success programs. Our premiere program is the Developmental Coaching program which looks at the whole child and focuses on all domains of child development, but is individualized for your child. This coaching model helps children who need social-emotional engagement, speech & communication help, behavior control, and more. TelePlay Therapy also offers two other coaching programs: Parental Coaching and Tele-Success for children who may need to be challenged more in development, reading, and academic subjects. In addition to coaching, TelePlay Therapy also offers licensed therapy programs. Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Child Counseling are offered to children who need that next-level clinical care to reach their goals.
    TelePlay Therapy utilizes an engaging platform with built-in apps and games, dynamic child development experts, and a coaching model in all programs for more substantial life-long success. Virtual services have been proven to be just as effective as in-person but are more private and convenient for you and your family! TelePlay Therapy is a great fit for families who school at home!

Often, programs like these are readily available for free through the public school system. However, we have found that it can often be very difficult (and sometimes impossible) for homeschoolers to receive these same services through the state. TelePlay Therapy is a real solution for our families who have students desiring a little extra care! Plus, families who join TelePlay Therapy and are registered members of HomeLife Academy will receive a 10% discount off the service that they select to utilize. Check out their website to learn more!


Have you ever wondered if your child would benefit from therapeutic coaching or therapy? Would your child benefit from virtual services? Here is a chance for you to ask a child development expert! From November 10-17, HLA and TelePlay Therapy are partnering to bring FREE Child Development Consultations to our HLA families. You can use these 15-minute appointments for your family to visit with a therapeutic professional. Ask them questions about therapeutic sessions and concerns about your child*, and they will offer advice of how services can help guide your child’s development. Spaces are limited, so sign up here!


*The consultation is a chance to discuss concerns about your child, but is not a treatment session, evaluation, diagnosis, etc.