In an effort to more effectively serve our Florida families, we would like to introduce HLA Preparatory School (HLA Prep)! HLA Prep is a new school that was created for our Florida student-athletes. It will allow our students wanting to play sports to be registered with an umbrella school and still participate in high school sports.

HLA Prep will offer every benefit that HomeLife Academy (HLA) offers, including transcript reviews, recommendation letters and counseling support. HLA Prep will be using the same systems and processes as HLA, so this should make the transition feel seamless to you. HLA Prep has its own Florida private school code #9152, so your student may continue to play sports without registering with the county or another umbrella school. Only the student-athlete would need to transfer and HLA Prep recommends your student-athlete stay enrolled until they have completed their high school sports career. At that point, your student-athlete can easily transfer back to HLA for graduation or may be able to graduate through HLA Prep.  

We want this option to be cost-effective; therefore each family already enrolled with HLA will only pay a transfer and student fee to enroll with HLA Prep. New families will enjoy the same low cost that HLA offers to its families when they register.

Once enrolled with HLA Prep, you will have the EL-12 form, that FHSAA requires, filled out by HLA Prep staff, so your student may play sports while enrolled with an FHSAA non-member private school (HLA Prep).

If you are interested in more information and how to enroll your student-athlete, please submit the attached form. Deadlines are fast approaching and we are pleased with this opportunity to further serve your family and our student-athletes.

HLA Prep Interest Form

Karen Johnson, HLA Preparatory School
(321) 265-4340
E-mail Karen Johnson

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